Bilu Island

Island Bilu

The Bilu Island is an island in Chaungzon Township, Mon State, west of Mawlamyine. is no hideaway for evil monsters. It is rather a beautiful island directly west of Mawlamyine.

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The Mon state administration began building a 1,586-meter long Bilu Island-Thanlwin River viaduct connecting Mupun Footbridge at Mawlamyine to the Ka-nyaw town of Bilu Island on February 8, 2015. Approximately US$60 million is being built by a Japanese-Burmese JV [4] Bilu Island is not plugged into the country's grid [4] The island's population depends on some interesting home industry such as school bulletin board, elastics, pipework, wood whistles, crayons, ballpoint pen and tobaccos.

Island Bilu

When you are "Lookin' Iazy at the sea" from Mawlamyine, you can see the point where the powerful Than Lwin passes over into the island-occupied Gulf of Martaban. This large, relatively shallow island, which you can see directly opposite and westward of the city, is picturesquely and intriguing Bilu Kyun (Bilu Island). ex Kawthaung from US$1,100.

Today the island is known for its well-preserved and unmistakable Mon civilization. Bílu is large, with more than 60 towns on the island. Visiting the regional craft exhibitions can be a practical setting for your stay. If you are too big to walk, it is best to rent one of the motorcycle taxi, touk kuk or, if you are a large group, one of the lorries waiting at the island's central pier in Nat Maw town.

Incidentally, you can check your passport at the pier in Bilu, i.e. take at least one copy of it with you. Several of the riders have some English and act as locals' leaders and are also inestimable. Prices vary depending on how long you want to remain on the island, but approximately 10,000 to 12,000 kyats per night for a motorcycle or about 25,000 to 35,000 for a touk touc or haul.

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