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A voucher per person and visit. This offer is not valid with other vouchers or special offers. Inprintable coupons for August 2018 Receive an e-mail for free dinner when you subscribe to Big Boy e-mail upgrades. Don't miss a voucher again. You can get a Big Boy employment and get 50% off your staff with your staff rebate.

Complimentary children's dinner with the sale of each grown-up guest. Five dollars for every $20 or more you buy.

Big Boy coupons? Receive a $2 discount coupon when you join SmashClub. Saves you $5 for $75+. Saving 30% on your first subscription shipment.

The Big Boy in Troy MI

Bob Wian sells his award-winning DeSoto Roadster for a small Hamburg booth in Glendale, California in 1936. In 1937, one evening, a repeat client wished for something different for a change. In 1937, he was a newcomer. The clients couldn't get enough of Bob's new design. As a tribute to his young boyfriend, Wian chose to call the better Big Boyâ.

A further patron, a film studios animation artist, drew the now famed figure on a sapkin. For over 75 years we have been providing our guests with delicious local cuisine! To provide our clients with the highest possible nutritional value, we use only the fresest raw materials. Come and see us today for never-ending soups, salads and a delicious breakfast snack, or select from never-ending noodles, seafood & chup, caramel icecream, a slender, perfectly barbecued Jimmie and much more.

We' re proud of the meal that' s on your desk.

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Bob Wian sells his precious DeSoto Roadster in 1936 to buy a small Hamburg booth in California. There was a six-year-old boy in hanging jumpsuits as a big boy, and in honour of his young boyfriend, Wian chose to call his biplane burgers Big Boy. A further patron, a film animation artist, drew the now famed figure on a sapkin.

You can still taste Bob's typical double-decker Hamburg burgers today - and you can also taste our typical bobsled dishes - as well as our own freshly prepared dishes such as salad & soup, breakfasts & dinners and sweets! Stay in contact with the Big Boy - and join the Big Boy Kids' Clubs! To join the Big Boy Kid's Clubs and receive promotions in your mailbox, click here.

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