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weather in Bhutan

Receive the Thimphu weather forecast. Best time to drive to Bhutan, including current weather conditions, temperatures and rainfall. During these months, Bhutan receives more rainfall than any other region in the Himalayas. The beautiful sapphire sky and the warm weather are a pleasant time to visit places of cultural and historical interest, although this season is not the best time for trekking. The weather in Bhutan depends on the altitude.

Attractions>Seasonal Attractions:

Bhutan is open all year round. Bhutan's hot and moderate weather, endless festivities and wealthy and rich cultural venues offer a broad spectrum of activities to all year-round. In Bhutan there are four different climates, which vary greatly according to height.

The spring (March, April & May) is regarded as the most wonderful season of the year, radiant and luminous with a spectral colour palette. It is the period in which the valley blossoms with greenery, orchards and orchards - a period in which the natives are cheerful and cheerful by nature.

It' the best period for hiking and travelling. Monsun (June, July & August) During these seasons Bhutan gets more precipitation than any other Himalayan area. The beautiful sky and the hot weather are a good moment to visit places of historic and culture interest, although this is not the best period for a trekk.

The winters (December, January and February) are warm, cold and pleasant. A large part of the east-west motorway is snow-covered in winters. This is the best season to visit the westerly counties of Paro, Wangdue, Punakha, Thimphu and Haa. The Phobjikha is one of the main tourist destinations in winters, where you can see a vast plains of bamboos.

Delightful black-neck cranes come from the Tibetian plains at this season and offer you the opportunity to settle in the plains. On the Dochula Pass on the way to Punkaha you can see the Himalaya summits and the highest hill of Bhutan - Gangkar Puensum - in clear and sunshine.

The high season (March, April, May, September, October & November). Weather is best in early and late fall. Rhododendrons bloom in March and April. Low season (December, January & February). Weather is still good, although it can be chilly in December and January. Off season (June, July & August).

High-mountain plants are in their heyday.

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