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The Bhutan Best Inbound Tour logo. Easy-to-understand, honest advice for responsible tourism in Bhutan to ensure that your trip has a positive impact on the environment and local communities. Inform yourself about Bhutan tourism policy, protection of Bhutan's cultural heritage and natural environment Bhutan tourist information, visa, costs, packages, flights Tourism is not as widespread in Bhutan as we know it from conservation and care. Travelling Bhutan with a local tour operator, travelling to Bhutan and cultural tours in Bhutan, trekking in Bhutan and festivals tour packages. Schedule a trip to Bhutan and its various tourist attractions with Bhutan Family Packages.

Tourism Office Bhutan

Any tourist (except Bangladeshi, Maldivian and Indian pass holders) wishing to visit Bhutan requires a visitor permit and must make a reservation with a local Bhutanian tourist agency or one of its overseas partner. Touroperator takes charge of the visitor visas. You can find a list of licenced Bhutanian tourist agencies under the following adress.

Adhering to the policies of the Bhutan Tourism Council "High Value. A minimum day package for visitors is necessary. For more information about the minimum daily package, please click on the following link: The Bhutan Tourist Board has been informed that some visitors book their trips through non-registered travel agents and also pay businesses directly via the formal travel channels.

The Bhutan Travel Agency would like to advise all travelers who plan to travel to Bhutan and ask them to make their bookings through travel agents only. You can find a listing of Bhutanese tour operator at or in case of suspicion this agency can verify the authenticity of the operator if a corresponding application is made.

Therefore, we would like to point out that the Bhutan Tourism Council is not liable for any complaint in connection with or resulting from a trip that has been reserved through an non-registered itinerary.

Tips | Bhutan Tourism Council

This information serves as a guideline for your trip to Bhutan. It is not a complete checklist, but is intended to give you useful information when planning your trip. Royal Insurances Corporation of Bhutan has established a health and traveller health scheme exclusively for our guests. You can take out a trip policy through your local Brazilian tourism company or your local dealer.

Alternatively, you can go to the website of the Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan at for more information. Bhutan's money is the ngultrum (no.) It is on an equal footing with the Indiaische Rupie, which is widespread in the land. Bhutan's finance institutes have been strongly expanded, and today we have a number of banking houses that take care of people's needs.

Several of the Bhutan banking facilities you can use are Bank of Bhutan Limited, Bhutan National Bank, Druk PNB and Tashi Bank. The Bhutan is a climate-neutral city. The city of Bhutan provides a wealth of possibilities for taking photographs, especially during open-air touring. However, before taking photographs or making films in dzongs, shrines, convents and places of worship, you should contact your tour guides, as photography/filming is not allowed in some areas.

You' re free to take pictures of the countryside, the panorama of the mountains, the countryside, the flora as well as the wildlife, the unmistakable architectural style of Bhutan and the appearance of the dzongs and chortens. You may also be interested in the large selection of colorful and imaginative Bhutan's Buddhist Tangkha painting and canvases.

We would like to point out that the purchase and sale of antiquities in Bhutan is absolutely prohibited. The Bhutan has an extensive cellular telephone system with worldwide routing. Bhutan's climate is quite varied with great differences in altitude. Attendees are expected to wear modest and respectful clothing, especially when visiting convents, dzongs and other worship facilities.

In a sign of respectfulness, be kind enough to take off your treasures, beanies, etc. when entering places of worship and administration, establishments and any other place you come across with the elevated nationally flared area. Bhutane is attributed to the meterial system and most of its weight is expressed in grams (g) and kilograms (kg).

Please consult your physician before travelling to Bhutan about immunizations and suitable medications that you should take before your sojourn. While Bhutan is one of the most secure places in the whole wide globe, you should still be careful. At any time you should always refrain from using unboiled mains running hot or iced beverages, as most of Bhutan's springs are not treated.

Each Dzongkhag, however, has its own schedule of local public days, especially during the Tshechus (religious festivals).

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