is a tranquil town on the banks of the Irrawaddy River in southern Kachin State. located in Bhamo,, town, northeastern Myanmar (Burma), on the Irrawaddy River at the head of the cruise. is a city in the state of Kachin in northern Myanmar. Some flights from Mandalay and/or Yangon to Bhamo. Bhamo has long benefited from its location near a Chinese border crossing (closed to foreigners).

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Burmese Bhamo (??????????? ban: bau mobil., also called banmaw) is a Kachin state community in the most northern part of Myanmar, 186 km southwards of the state' capitol of Kachin (Myitkyina). It' by the Ayeyarwady River. Situated 65 km from the Yunnan Province frontier, China[1] The people are Chinese and Shan, with Kachin tribes in the surrounding area.

This is the administration centre of Bhamo District and Bhamo Township. From 1935 the city was at the highest point of the fluvial path and was the final stop of the Indian and Burmese caravane route, through which mainly jetty was topped. Myanma Airways offers a once per week service as well as a ferry three days per week. Airways offers a choice of three flights per person.

This is the terminal station of the Mandalay ferryboats. Between Bhamo and the capitol Myitkyina there is no free boat. Bhamo-Mu Se District highway (Muse, part of the Northern Shan State) is in ruin. The city of Bhamo is one of the main frontier cities between China and Myanmar.

In the city is the Bhamo Degree College. The Bhamo has a damp sub-tropical environment (Köppen Cwa class). The Wikimedia Commons has got Bhamo coverage.

Banmaw Information

Sampanago, the city' s northern city, the city of Sampanago, the capitol of the Shan Empire of Wanmaw (Banmaw), after which the city is now called? Please be aware that although Bhamo itself is safe and can be accessed without permission, local areas are severely limited due to the continuing war.

A larger choice of Bhamo pictures can be found in our Flickr picture gallery.

Arrival in Bhamo

Choose different modes of transportation for information and click on the map to enlarge it. Low-speed craft shown in the chart below have en-suite beds. Katha - The (slow) shuttle of the goverment departs around 20.00 o'clock and reaches Bhamo the next morning around 15.00 o'clock. There' s also a more costly high-speed shuttle.

Boats run from Myitkyina, but entry may be limited in the arid period due to the low level of waters, and the safety conditions in parts of Kachin State mean that entry for aliens may be hard. Detailed information on inland navigation (IWT) can be found here. For more information about cruising, visit Myanmar by canoe.

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