Best way to Travel Myanmar

The best way to travel Myanmar

The journey times of the trains are very different. Bagan to Inle Lake is a journey many travellers make in Myanmar, although some go in the opposite direction and others via Mandalay. Coming from Bagan you can take a bus to Shwenyaung, which is on the motorway north of the lake. How to get to Myanmar Domestic Airlines General Information: It is easier than you think to get to the main destinations in Myanmar.

Tips for your trip through Myanmar

Transport in Myanmar is not as inexpensive or even as effective as in other South East Asia states. Unfortunately, the best way to get around in this traffic-calmed town is by cab. It' the most effective way to get around, and if you're out with your buddies, it can be pretty low. Remember that you have to negotiate to get a better price.

From Yangon International Yangon International Yangon International Yangon International Yangon International Yangon International Yangon International Yangon International Yangon Airport: 6,000-10,000 Kyat (US$4-7.50) will probably be billed to you for longer-trips. Although it is not the most pedestrian or bicycle-friendly town, Yangon is within easy reach and there are many places of interest within a few minutes. However Mandalay is a much bigger town, more spacious, and it is possible to drive a motorbike here.

Motorcycle taxes are less expensive than auto cabs, so a trip between two cities should be less than 5,000 kyat (US$3.50). When you are in and around Mandalay, it is simple to hire a vehicle for the whole rental period and share the cost with other people.

Outside the village there is a great deal to see; a full-board excursion to the scenic Pyin Oo Lwin is a favourite choice. Night buses are very common in Myanmar. From Yangon to the country's two most renowned touristic sites (Bagan and Inle Lake), one of the best ways to get there is by coach.

There are also daily busses between the towns, e.g. from Mandalay to Inle Lake and from Taunggyi to Loikaw. And if you've ever seen an Anthony Bourdain show, you'll know that this is one of the most exciting and romantically charged ways to see the world. However it is inexpensive (less than a few bucks in value of Kyat) and you will enjoy an memorable one.

Low-cost carriers have not yet arrived in Myanmar for some strange reasons. But it is usually dependable, quick and effective (except for a few delays) if you are on the road on work or just don't want to take a night-van. Usually these are taken by the natives, a cheaper way (usually a few thousand kyats for long distances) to get from Taunggyi to Nyaungshwe, for example.

However, when you reach your goal, you will often find that you are stuffy and that your system hurts from the tough sitting and rough streets. You are spending the unspent on transport on a massages. All kinds of vessels exist in Myanmar. We have liveaboards in Myeik, motorized canoes in Inle Lake, ferryboats in Yangon, a luxurious boat going from Bagan to Mandalay.... the schedule goes on.

Ships are never particularly effective means of transportation, but can be a funny way to see the otherwise ignored towns along the way. Ballooning: Ballooning in Bagan attracts the most to Myanmar. It will take about 400,000 to 550,000 kyats (US$300-400) for an hour's drive in Bagan, and about the same on Inle Lake.

Trishaw's are a time-honoured means of transport that has existed for hundreds of years - they are very funny to drive, but only suitable for shorter haul.

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