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Burma sailing experience ex Phuket (comfort) Myanmar (Burma) sailing adventure ex Phuket. Myanmar (Burma) cycle Yangon Short Break. So how long does it take to get to the border? View more ideas about Burma Myanmar, Myanmar travel and destinations. Have a look at the list of unique travel ideas from our travel experts and plan the perfect holiday.

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Excursion to Burma? Hello, can someone tell me more about Chiang Mai to Burma outings? So how long does it take to get to the frontier? Are travel agents making this journey? Burma Excursion? here are some stories about the Golden Triangle excursions that might give you some information.

Seems you really can't really waste much travel money, look across the boarder and come back.... maybe if you stayed one of the nights in Chiang Rai? Excursion to Burma? It' going to be a long outing from Chiang Mai to Myanmar.

They can do it with the V.I.P. coach (it was a favorite run for visas), but you won't be spending much of it. You' ll get your visas when you enter Myanmar, last month (March 08) it was 10 US$. Excursion to Burma? I' m going to Chiang Mai in the third weeks of my vacation, Chelle; I will fly to Phuket next Friday!

Excursion to Burma? It is really rewarding to travel to Burma from the northern Chiang Saen frontier if you are planning the itinerary well. I stayed in Chiang Saen (north of Chiang Rai). Visit the Chiang Rai Board and see my travelogue under " Broder's Journey Reports ".

You will find information about our journey to Burma and how we left the city. Excursion to Burma?

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Burma or Myanmar, as it is rightly called today, has recently become one of the most worthwhile tourist attractions in Southeast Asia behind the smothering drapery of its gloom. Although he can endure one of the longest civilian conflicts in the worid, he is looking forward to a more bright and bright past, which hopefully will usher in a new, goldbreak.

Ki-plunging once described Burma as"....very different from any nation you know" and for the new arrivals it is difficult to think of a nation with more life, hopes and heroes. Yangon town centre, with its magnificent archaeological colonisation and India's market, is ruled by the Shwedagon Temple's gold lighthouse, which shines over the town, while the stunning Bagan plain lies in the fragmenting ruins of some 4,000 holy stupa.

Myanmar, a country full of nature and culture, awaits exploration, filled with memorable landscapes and great cuisine.

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