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It is therefore best to plan your trip to Myanmar for the drier months between November and February. It is easy for visitors to find the main tourist attractions, archaeological sites, pagodas, temples and unique experiences in Myanmar. Myanmar best travel guide. There are four of the best in this up-and-coming destination. 20 (old and new) reasons to visit Myanmar.

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Two-week trip to Myanmar

It should take about 8,000 kyats (US$6) to get to the town. Dependent on when you get there, go to one of the many diners or grocery stores for supper or quickly go to the Sule Pagoda before settling down. When you flourish after nightfall, you should have a cocktail at the Seventh Joint Bar & Grill.

Do not try to have too much pleasure, because the second part of the trip is full of visitors to shiny and shiny shady marques, blooming market and parks, none of which are much pleasure when hung over. One of Yangon's main attractions are Bagyoke Market, Schwedagon Pagoda and Kandawgyi Lake.

Awake up early for Bagyoke Mark as the town gets brutal warm in the afternoons. It is a square dating from 1920. Two of these are opposite each other, but the old one is certainly more remarkable. Once you have explored the fair, make a short stop at a regional grocery store.

As with many recent Asian food stores, Yangon's is littered with recently butchered chicken, lively and daunting fruit and virgin vegetable. Once you've explored both of them, you're on your way to one of the most beautiful places on this route: Lake Kandawgyi. It is actually an exquisite place, also known as the Karaweik Palace, where guests can see a regal culture show while eating some of the most exquisite dishes in Myanmar.

When you have explored the parc, drive to Shwedagon Pagoda. The best time to photograph this place is at sundown and at midnight, as the central pupa is illuminated and glowing. An excursion gives you an impression of what the suburbs of the town look like. You can relax for the remainder of the morning or explore the many possibilities of cuisine.

In the evenings you drive to the central train terminal to take a night coach to Bagan. It will take about nine hour's drive and will take you about ten min. outside the centre of Bagan. From Yangon a 9pm coach trip to Bagan should be arriving around 6am. This is probably too long to capture the dawn, so go directly to your lodging and get ready for a full working days to explore the nearby temple, of which there are more than 2,000.

Mani Sithu Market is one of the most important commercial centres of the town. At about 6 o'clock in the morning, after dawn and before the sun gets too high. Excursions to Mount Popa usually start at 8am and end around 3pm so people have some free morning activities to collect their possessions before taking the overnight coach to Kalaw.

Unfortunately the overnight coach from Bagan to Kalaw comes quite early in the mornings and is a very jumble. On the sixth full moon, the visitor can go to Kalaw and jump over Mount Popa and instead enjoy an evenings of exploration. When you are very competitive, take the less comfortable overnight coach that will arrive around 3am.

One of the high points of a journey to Myanmar is certainly the treking from the picturesque, tranquil town of Kalaw to Nyaung Shwe, better known as Inle Lake.

If you decide on a two-day hike, you will join groups that have been hiking for a few extra hours, which can make you think you're a little skipped. A four whole week hike is a little too much if you only have two week in Myanmar. It should take about 40,000 kyats (US$30) for a two-day, three-day hike.

And if you like off the well-trodden paths, you might hope that this hike to Lake Inle never ends. On the way there you will spend the night with host families in small towns. A number of travel agencies in third-world economies take advantage of the indigenous people who have no say in the development of their communities, but this is not the case with a hike to Inle Lake.

On this hike you will enjoy breathtaking vistas, venture on railway rails, pass nearby coal ranches, paddy paddies, steers with native products and much more. Eventually you arrive at the Inle-See, which lies between two mountain regions. One of the most important attractions on the shores of the lakeside are Thaung Thut (a small town with a lots of lots ), souvenir cigars and many sterling mines.

In contrast to Bagan, it is not permitted for non-nationals to hire electrical bikes or motorcycles for use around Lake Inle. Some of the most important attractions of a particular tour are the Mingala Market, the Pindaya Caves, the Tofu Palace, thermal baths and spas, the Khaung Daing Lake District lunches, the outdoor pool and the Red Mountain Winery sundown.

There is no Myanmar journey without a cookery course. There are many half-day cookery courses in and around Nyaung Shwe, from local Shan chefs to tasty Myanmar cuisines. Once you have cooked and eaten, take another overnight coach to the last town on our itinerary:

Arriving by midnight coach around 4am, it is best to drive directly to U Pein Brücke to get the sundown. If you are observing the sun rise, go to the grassy areas on the side of the viaduct to take the best pictures. Eat your breakfasts at a Burma based restaurants and drive to Mingun Pier, where a boat will take you to an old town on the other side of the flu.

Departure at 9am, so it' s killing off a lot of hours at the grocery and florist fair next to the dock. The Mandalay is full of historical relicts, original regional fairs and more. Bicycling is the best way to discover this great place and it is unlikely that you will see so many other people.

Visit the King Galon Gold Leaf Workshop Show Room & Sale Centre, the Jade Market and the nearby Pagoda. Alternatively, if the airfare from Mandalay and Yangon is more than $20, we recommend taking a overnight coach from Mandalay to Yangon and leaving the town.

JJ Express, one of Myanmar's best coach operators, has a $12 overnight coach that departs Mandalay at 9pm and arrives directly at the Mandalay Int'lport at 6am.

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