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We' re stopping for a foot massage at Yangon's best spa on the way to town. Myanmar, Yangon (Rangoon): Skip to Traveling Around Myanmar: Myanmar Travel, Yangon. It is the coolest time of the year, but also the high season.

Best Day Myanmar Travels & Tours Retrospective - Best Tour Myanmar, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

It' a continuous and constantly evolving journey that takes place during the journey itself. Myanmar Shalom fulfilled our expectation in the development of a tailor-made 12-day trip to Burma by road in a personal vehicle (van) with the same leader andriver. I should point out that their PayPal method of paying was simple and safe (especially in the mid-trip).

Our leader as well as our rider were extraordinary and quickly adjusted to the way we like to go. All too often the guidebook thinks that it is his journey and that there is an uncomfortable suspense during the journey - exactly the opposite is the case. Soe Yee, our tour leader, has a degree, a part-time reporter and a former students' militant.

San, our San was a champion behind the steering wheels and on some of Burma's very dubious streets, thinking of some very terrible congestion - we always felt secure and in a well maintained car. Things were not always flawless, as on every trip, especially in poor countries (we would have liked to have had more genuine interactions with the locals and a more intensive exploration of the tribes' way of life).

We' re open for personal news about our trip.

Three-day tour of Yangon and Bagan - Best Tour Myanmar, Yangon (Rangoon) Traveler Reviews

After a lunchtime Arrive in Yangon our guiding arrived at our boat and we had a short sightseeing trip through the town before we flew to Bagan, where we were welcomed by another guiding for the Bagan part of our 3 days trip. Upon our arriving in Bagan we had supper and fun in a pleasant eatery before we went to our little guesthouse, which was a very pleasant area.

Bagan has more than 3,300 small and simple to very large and very artistic coupé. On our walk through the area we visited some of the most important races, a paint plant and a town that has been overlooked. On the end of the second part of the flight we returned to Yangon, where we were picked up by our Yangon-guides.

Before the last part of our trip, we stayed the whole evening on our boat, which was restricted to a trip to the Shwedagon Pagoda due to the daytime sail. Shalom Tours' guide and riders were excellent. The boat came later than planned on the first and left the third morning sooner than planned, but thanks to the skills of our leaders and riders and their ability to improve, we were able to see all the places on our initial route.

Guidebook you brought also goes to Lake Inle. It provided choice of hotels, information about the visas (simply online) and was very open to all your queries. We were disappointed that we didn't know anything about the balloon ride in Bagan and since we were there during a party, it was not possible to make a last-minute booking.

But it was magic to watch the hot air baloons take off from the Aureum Palace, the lighthouse next to our photo album. To be in Myanmar before the elections was to learn from our leaders about the current state of politics in the state. On our last Fifth Anniversary in Yangon we were welcomed in the synagogue by the proprietor, Sammy Shalom, and got to know the experiences of the Jews in Myanmar.

We' d made a really good trip through these boys. Since we don't really like having a guidebook, we only chose to stay in a hotel, fly or transfer. Driver and representatives were at the airport to see us, the check-in was a piece of cake, with the help of locals suggesting the sights and how to do it.

After Rangoon we went around Bagan, He Ho / Inle and back to Rangoon. Htet, our'fixer', clarified this and assisted us with our guests etc..... A little breakdown was that when we went to the shore, the hotelpool was not in use and the children were quite miserable about it, especially as we had been told that the ocean was quite perilous at this season.

From Rangoon we were paying $17 for our Rangoon flight and when we realized that my boy had dropped his purse at the motel, Htet was helping us with the cab and the motel to get them to us (of course for a charge for the driver) AND our initial chauffeur was waiting for the additional hours to make sure everything went as scheduled.

Burma was one of our focal points. With very little in the way of it, we chose to make just one town. I' ve agreed in advance with Shalom Travel that I will be collected at the international airports for 2 workdays. After Aung Su arrived at the airfield, we were quickly brought to our hotels in an air-conditioned vehicle.

Shalom wasn't used for our motel, but in hindsight I would. We had our leader, Aung Su, and a chauffeur for the next two outings. That'?s what Yangon needs. As we were only in Yangon and didn't want to go out too far, we saw every corner of Yangon.

You can also ask a ton of question about them and their everyday lifes with a leader. It felt like we have learnt a great deal about the story and everyday experience of the Myanmar population. It' much harder to see and not so well groomed, but possible to see if you let Shalom know.

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