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The best trip in Thailand

The best sights in Thailand. Limbs are probably the best part, so stay out of the bowel. Many people are familiar with Bangkok's colourful floating markets through the omnipresent photos in travel guides and travel books. lndia can also help you make your dream come true by offering you the best travel packages. So, without further ado, here is our selection of the best places to visit in Thailand.

The best islets in Thailand

Snow-capped sands, trendy, country-style cabins on the beaches, a hanging mat that moves smoothly between two palms like a deep blue ocean on the shores.... But each is very different from the other, with its own unique features; and there are doos. Nell McShane Wulfhart chooses one for every situation, whether you want to celebrate until daybreak, study diving, have the best meal in Thailand or want to take a relaxing getaway from the mornings.

Top 6 Best Beaches in Thailand to Visit

If you think of Thailand, you can only imagine an infinite offer of solar, ocean and sandy areas. Just Google'Thailand Beaches' and you will immediately see why 32 million visitors come to this paradise of Thailand every year. However, while Google Images lets you believe that Thailand is nothing but long tailed boots and knows no other.

This means that it can be quite mind -boggling to decide where to go when you plan a voyage, whether you want to go to the beaches or just want to peppers your voyage with the sun by the sea. Browse my Thailand opportunities, I searched thousands of best-of-lists to find these places and treasures along the country's 2,000 mile coast.

I travelled through Thailand myself and interviewed some of my guests, so I put together my own schedule for this one. There are six beautiful sandy spots that you should not miss. Situated on both sides of Koh Samui, Chaweng is a clear favorite with the public for the traveling owner of the sandy area. This is the place to relax in Thailand with a great mix of sandy whiteness and a good night life.

Please yourself by visiting the Ark Bar, popular for its free barbecue, killing DJ' and rich ness in sea food. The Chaweng Beach is also a great place to discover the surrounding islets, which can be reached on walking at low tide. 2. The Phra Nang Beach is situated on every shore of the Railay Peninsula.

Famous for its calcareous rocks and crystalline water, this sandy place draws crowds of busy visitors screaming for snorkelling, kayaking, climbing and hiking in and around the breathtaking landscape of Phra Nang. If you are taking a walk or kayaking a whole days off from Railay Beaches, and make sure you visit the famous Princess Cave with a startling and amazing selection of phallish sacrifices in tribute to a mythic princess who is said to have made this a home.

Whilst the lighthouse is very crowded during the days, the masses are dying in the evening and offer a great place to make a bed for a sundown. Andrea, Thailand's Destination Manager, tells why Railay is one of her favorites in the country: Surrounded by calcareous rocks, the beaches and the wealth of palms create the most beautiful pictures when contrasted with the clear turquoise waters.

Railay Beaches can be reached by ferry from Ao Nang, Krabi. All of these excursions remain in Ao Nang and have a lot of free day to explore the beach: 9 days Thailand West Coast Beaches, 16 days Classic Thailand West Coast and 23 days Thailand Adventure West Coast. Okay, so I understand that Patong is extremly thrilling, and that some folks will condemn me hard for not putting it on that listing, but let me make you a counteroffer - Phuket's Freedom Beaches.

Only 6 km from Phuket Beaches, Freedom has clear water and a remote atmosphere. Basically you have to decide between a dubiously costly 10-minute cock cruise or a powdery street and an awful upsidedale. Once you arrive at the shore, you should take the time to play some excellent snorkelling and play sand volley (professional tip: take a look at the flat water on both sides of the shore to discover a really nice wildlife).

Situated on the gorgeous Koh Tao Islands, Aow Luek Bay is an excellent snorkelling spot in Thailand, famous for its colorful reefs and small blacktip shark. It is quiet and hot, making it a great place to play even in the shallows. More information about Koh Thai can be found here.

If you are looking for tranquillity and tranquillity, you should go to Thung Wae Laen, 13 km northern of the city centre of Chumphon. It has escaped the crowd marketing of so many Thai shores and is still a peaceful and relaxed option for the tired traveler. Focusing on green leisure (read: no Jetski ), Thung Wae Laen draws a range of kitesurfers, windsurfers and scuba diving to its hot water and sands.

This is the place to come at the end of the morning if you want to get away from the five-star resort and take a well-deserved snooze on a secluded shore. Andrea, Thailand's destination manager, tells why Chumphon is such a unique place: There are no horde of tourist packages here; this is a mainly off the well-trodden paths stretch of coast.

There is a long sandy shore, clear waters and a breathtaking coastline of palms. Calm, pretty and very unspoiled, you can tour it on Intrepid's 10 day Thailand Beaches East Coast. Predictably, I know, but you can't let Koh Phi Phi Phi Don - Thailand's famous and loved celebrity - off such a mailing lists.

The biggest of the Phi Phi Phi Phi Don and the center of Thai Buddhism, Koh Phi Phi Phi Don is a magnificent flight from the real world with cristal clear waters, palm groves and pails full of Red Bull and alcohol. You should take a trip from Phi Phi Phi Don to the nearby archipelago of the island and beach, which includes (of course) the famous Maya Bay - famous for its part in The Beach.

In spite of my passion for secret gemstones and underdog, I must confess that this cove is my favorite place on the "best of" ranking. It is a beautiful cove itself - basically a big, colorful cliff top with 100 meter high reefs - but for me it was more about the trip there: a long trip through mangroves and clear, clean water and insecure steps.

Do you want to get away from it all? Equipped with an adventure ghost, Melanie journeys the world as often as possible looking for hiding gemstones, delicious food and cosy spots to roll up in.

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