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Best Bagan Sunrise / Sunset Temples. Which is the best trip - Contact us. Myanmar Travel Tips and Insights! Best Myanmar itineraries, top destinations & tours in Myanmar. Explore the best of Myanmar with this indispensable guide.

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Why should you go to Myanmar? Although you've traveled through other parts of the area - Thailand, Cambodia and Laos - Myanmar will still have more than four ace up your sleeves to scare you. Of the gold coupons - you won't find this per head pagoda concentrate anywhere else in the world!

Myanmar's time is changing fast. Several of the major roads are cobbled and now traveling on the streets of Myanmar is no longer an act of ghoul. The train can sometimes outdo the bus in convenience and cost, but remains extremely slow: you can get a mooring in a sleeper from Yangon to Mandalay for less than $15, but it will take 15 hrs to travel this 600km route.

Featuring a journey of between 8 and 10 hrs and tickets between $10 and $18 on the same journey, the busses are also doing a good job. 2. While the growing number of internal air services makes it easier to move between the main destinations, air fares remain high. Traveling to almost any destinations in the UK will take you back from USD110 to USD150, although of course it will save a lot of time: it will take from one hr 10 min to 1 hr from Yangon to Mandalay, Heho International for Inle Lake; or Nyaung U International for Bagan.

Myanmar cannot offer the services of a million visitors in comparison to other neighbors in the area. It is a good enough excuse to come and see them, isn't it? Why shouldn't you go to Myanmar? Weather in Myanmar and Safe Travel in Maynmar for more information.

The very first time you meet Yangon, you may find yourself trampling your foot on alleys of excessive width and narrow alleys full of dirt and rubbish, overpriced hotels and overfriendly local people who want to talk to you all afternoon over a snifter; a cup of teat; you'll be able to enjoy your stay in Yangon; under the desk, currency traders with cases full of waders and villains who offer better prices and break cash in the daytime - all this against the backdrop of the impressive gold towers of myriad pagoda towers that fill the sky with melodious rings of gold leaf on the fins and men and woman who use the pagoda art gallery and sala as protection from the suffocating hot weather that rains the town most of the year.

The flickering numbers of the road temperature gauge somewhere in Mandalay: +43 today it gave us impartial information. The whole afternoon we walked up the Mandalay Hill and washed off the adventure with cisterns. So we went to Bagan - and you will too - to find out that it has nothing in common with Angkor, except the fact that Bagan's coups and Angkor's tricks can both be described as "temples".

Bagan is an eye-catcher with small and large, lavishly sculpted and plain coupons that dot the landscape; with old-fashioned horse-drawn coaches as one of the most favourite means of public transportation; with bays of road children who try to offer you picture-cards. Most travelers unavoidably spend at least a few nights around Lake Inle - and so do we, although it was actually the goal that we were reluctant to include in our itinerary: too touristic, too well known.

Although much has recently happened for the area around Lake Inle, with inexpensive, basic, backpacker-friendly guest houses giving way to giant chain hotels, Nyaungshwe and Lake Inle still retain their rural allure. This number one trek in the whole land is definitely a 2 or 3 day trip from Kalaw to Indein on Lake Inle.

For us and for many of the travelers we talked to, staying one evening in a buddhistic convent, dining in the locals' houses, getting an insight into the mountain people's cultures and their everyday way of living was an absolutely high point of the journey to Myanmar. Although less known as Kalaw, Hsipaw, half way between Mandalay and Lashio, also has good to trekk.

Situated 10 km off the coastline, Chaung Tha demands gold sands and is rapidly developing into a first-class seaside town. They are both easy to reach from Yangon or Pathein. There are some great specimens of historic Yangon architectural heritage, but to get the right flavor you should go to Mawlamyine.

Oversleep and yet kosmopolitan, with gold-plated marquees and church and mosques, a busy square and contemplative sundowns over the river Than Lwin, it looks more like a fairytale story guide than a city. At the Mae Sai/Tachileik checkpoint when traversing the Thai-Myanmar frontier, do not take a direct flight from the Yangon frontier but take a coach to Kengtung to discover this scenic city and its surroundings.

From Kanchanaburi in Thailand it is simple to come to Dawei - make a short detour! His breathtaking cavern temple with elaborate murals and stone carvings are impressive again and again and are sometimes also called Myanmar Petra. Although the journey is a bit difficult, Maruk U is another goal that every temple lover should not miss.

This former capitol of the mighty Arakan Empire is gradually becoming a favorite travel spot - come and see it now before the all-inclusive world!

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