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Bestsellers in Myanmar travel guide. This information can help adventurers enjoy the best of Myanmar. Burma travel guide - best travel tips. An index of travel guides, blogs, books and accommodation for Myanmar (Burma). Discover Burma (Myanmar) with a local travel expert.

Burma travel guide, tips and routes

Myanmar's most visited places are the town of Yangon, the historical temple of Bagan, the powdery town of Mandalay and the tranquil and tranquil Inle Sea. However, as more land opens up to tourists and the northern part in particular becomes more accessible, don't be amazed if you see more "must" targets throughout the state.

A place that I think will soon make news is the Mergui Islands, which still seem too costly to research. Now Myanmar has two major metropolitan areas in Yangon and Mandalay - my own choice, and I have chosen to travel to and from one of them to minimize traceability.

Buses will be your boyfriend in Myanmar - a land where there are certain limitations where you can use the scooters so common in Asia. At places like Bagan, renting a pusher bike is the best way to get around it - I did that in Mandalay too, which was great, but somehow hazardous without a pad.

On arrival in certain places (Inle, Bagan), be ready for a visitor's fee that has to be payed before you enter the capital - sometimes you get on the coach to pick it up. Myanmar is the most widely uttered tongue in all of Myanmar, although I was amazed that English was also widely enough widely used to cope with most home visits and business.

Since Myanmar uses a font you may not be used to, it is wise to practice pronouncing certain words and how they are used. Have a look at this useful wiki guide to some of Burma's fundamental topics. To view the Myanmar currency conversion rates in real time, click here.

Burma has a single denomination system, which means it cannot go into or out of the state. It' wise to buy $100 notes and modify them if in the land, although these must be in good working order and not with certain code - yep, its intricate.

 Google for more information before your visits in the event of changes. Wherever you travel, travel insurances are indispensable. World Nomads is another favorite choice that many of my common travel companions use and suggest. For visa requirements and the latest travel tips for Myanmar that apply to your home state, please click here for information on how to get to the goverment's website.

High rate: Myanmar's most common visiting period is the colder and drier period, usually between November and the end of February, after the rains have weaker. Shoulders Season: The drought lasts from October to May, so the off-season is an excellent period to spend the night, as there are probably more places to stay.

Low season: Usually the wet seasons are from June to October and between March and June the temperature often rises above 40°C - both of which you should consider when you plan your Myanmar-journey.

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