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The number of places is limited and we recommend that you book in advance with your agent. Our photo tour workshops are the best value in the industry. Peopleock Travels & Tours, your best travel agency in Myanmar. Are you wondering how to find a reliable travel agency in Myanmar? Discover our Best Experience Services travel website.

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Looking for the best Shan pasta store in Yangon? Probably the best Shan pasta outside Shan State, 999 Shan is a popular Yangon hinge for fast, delicious and inexpensive pasta. Meanwhile there are three 999 Shan Nodle Shops in the town, which offer the inhabitants and visitors even more entrance to the coveted Shan-K├╝che.

Headquarters is at number 34. The 999 Shan Juodle Store is also known for its roasted beef, bean curd, dumpling, rice and all kinds of pasta noodles. On the run or in a few small meals with a friend, this place is a basic diet for basic Shan cuisine.

Myanmar Best Travel Agent - Tour Mandalay - Day Tours, Yangon (Rangoon) Travel Reports

When I entered a new border like Myanmar, where tourist is relatively new for the West, I first approached agencies in the West, but with the enormous price of package tours I searched and found it. I had Karen Salamanca to assist me with all my travelling needs and the support I got from this agent was excellent.

Burma is a beautiful land, a secret jewel of Asia. They were very competent and tried everything so that I could enjoy my itinerary. If you don't see Bagan, you don't see Myanmar.

Inle Lake was the most tranquil place I have ever been, and I even got up at 4:00 in the morning to observe the abundant birdlife. I' ve recently traveled to this beautiful land and used the Mandalay route for my whole trip, which began in Yangon, then I took the plane to Bagan, Mandalay and Lake Inle, the true "Garden of Eden".

My entire travelling needs were fulfilled with the highest level of professionality and all their leaders were marvelous in every place. Every guidebook was personally interested in the needs of its customers and was thus precious with information about each site. We' saw so much in Yangon and Bago and learned so much from Johnny how lives change when the land opens up.

He' s an excellent messenger both for the Mandalay route and for his state. We' had a marvelous journey set up by Mr. Thura. We began in Mandalay, where the beautiful tourist Nora showed us around. Then Nora came back to Mandalay and was unbelievably friendly and hospital.

And we ( (especially our 9 and 6 year olds) will never ever get over our magic years in Myanmar, all thanks to the Mandalay tour. There were fifteen people from different walks of life on the boat. We didn't want to shop for ourselves, but we went to a different kind of fair than anyone else I've ever been to and to the riverside fair, where groceries and goods are shipped.

After all, we experienced very closely the area. Johnny, our leader, was incredible. He has given us so much understanding, wisdom and esteem for the land and its cultures, his understanding of the land and its peoples, his open-mindedness to answer any question about himself and his origins, and the way he has led us as a group.

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