Best Tourist places in Myanmar

The best tourist places in Myanmar

Ultimate place to relax after a visit to Burma. The Kwe Pagoda, built on a rugged rock formation in the centre of the city. " Excellent tour and wonderful guide." Destinations: From November to April is the best time to visit this beautiful beach.

Best of Cambodia Vietnam Laos Myanmar Tours

Do you plan a trip to Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar? In order to help you organise your trip, I will be listing the best places to visit in these four Asian states. Don't miss these pages on your Cambodia Vietnam Laos Myanmar trip! I' m sure you don't want to miss this on your Cambodia Vietnam Laos and Myanmar trip.

Attempt to arrive before 5am and you will be amazed at how many visitors come here to see this beautiful landscape. Angkor Wat is one of the most famous tourist sites in Cambodia, recognised by UNESCO as one of the Seven Ages.

Historically, it was erected in the 11th century as a burial place for King Suryavarman. If you are traveling to Laos, you cannot ignore Luang Prabang - one of the most important tourist attractions in Laos. Luang Prabang was declared a UNESCO Heritage Site in 1995 because it has a long tradition and enchanting natural and cultural heritage.

Luang Prabang was the regal capitol of the Lang Xang Kingdom in the past until 1545, when Vientiane was elected as the new city. But it is still pretty and vastly astonishing, with its old fashioned Franco architectural style, a thousand shrines and breathtaking theatres. If you come to Luang Prabang during your Cambodia Vietnam Laos Myanmar trip, you will understand why Luang Prabang became the major tourist destination of Laos.

Burma is known for its thousand sparkling gold sanctuaries, and it would be a great waste if you missed the Shwedagon Pagoda during your Cambodia Vietnam Laos Myanmar trip. Situated in the Yanngon region next to the poetical Kandawgyi Sea, the Shwedagon Pagoda was discovered between the sixth and tenth centuries.

More than 2500 years had gone by since the date this sanctuary was constructed, but the Shwedagon Pagoda is still enchantingly pretty and astonishing. Cobbled with 27 tonnes of real gilt and set with 453 glittering stones, the Shwedago Pagoda is one of the most magnificent and holy Myanmar pagoda with regard to its sculptures, architectural and historical value.

Legend has it that this is where the remains of the four former Buddhas are found, including the Kakusandha wand, Konamahas tea filters, Kassapa gown and the Gautama skull. There are two gigantic leogryphics outside the podium, which guard the podium. Seeing the Shwedagon silhouette wrapped in the enigmatic twilight of the sun gives me a calming sensation and calms my souls.

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