Best Tourist places in Myanmar

The best tourist places in Myanmar

A monastery is also a popular attraction, especially because of the interesting performance of domestic cats. After a month in this wonderful country, we visited great places and met many really cute people. When is the best time to travel to Myanmar?

Myanmar Travel

Myanmar, or Burma as it is often still known, is a far cry from the neighbouring tourist favourites of Southeast Asia after years of closure for overseas. The crowd has not yet reached this intriguing land, which lies in the middle of India, Bangladesh, China, Laos and Thailand, with a complex and still some issues to solve.

Dare off the backpackers path to find breath-taking sanctuaries, sacred buddhistic memorials, ancient villages and breath-taking scenery. Myanmar has seen a huge growth in visitor numbers since its re-opening to foreigners in 2012. Some areas of the land are still banned for aliens due to continuing civil commotion, so please read the latest governmental information before you leave.

Reflexions on Lake Inle: Myanmar's biggest tourist destination

Lake Inle is one of the four most important destinations in Myanmar, next to the endless temples of Bagan and the two capitals Yangon and Mandalay. Similar to the infamous Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia, Inle has cast a shadow over my other experience on South East Asia's highways.

Myanmar's second biggest water reservoir in the north of Shan State, Inle Lakeis, is a vast pool that glitters in its silvery-blue colour and winds its way into minute channels with handmade thumbnail reservoirs. Nearer to the capital Nyaungshwe, the noise of motorboats signals the advent of a new daybreak, in which visitors are to ensure fast excursions, new building boom and the expansion of channels for the shuttle by more zealous people.

These places of interest show you the fast strength of the tourist industry and you are hoping that the ambience of this area will not be destroyed by the fast changes in the years. During the low seasons in May the Myanmar was hot and I decided to go to the sea as early as possible before the mid-day solar radiation on the open decks of the vessel would dominate and burn my skull.

Beginning at 9 a.m., and just taking a half-day sightseeing trip, I said goodbye to the temples and monasteries side of the regular trip to focus on concentrating more on watching live in peace instead. It is so big that it never gets clogged; a sense of the midst of nowhere swimming around the globe with no worries, past occasional fishermen at work, or natives resting on the wood sleepers of their stilts shelters.

Inle Lake rental is about 15,000 Kyat ($16) for the whole afternoon. Half-days option you are only saving about $3, the exchange transaction will take a very long one.

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