Best Tourist place in Myanmar

Myanmar's best tourist resort

Myanmar is a good place for a tourist? And Thailand? You want a little bit of cultural fun, go to Myanmar. When it' s a seaside vacation, good hotel, good eating, great shops, good nights out, etc., then go to Thailand.

It is a form of recreation that is beneficial to the population, distributing incomes across all stages of their incomes so that they can improve their lives, raise their kids, etc. I' d go all over Myanmar, spending as much of my free day there as possible.

It is a great land, the inheritance and the population. However, in 10 years it will no longer be the same, it will modernise, culture will be forgot, human beings will be more interested in the world. Rohingya's problem is complex, but Facebook has been a major factor in the unrest.

Central Myanmar Excursions

This part of Myanmar has something for everyone, from the dry plains of Bagan, one of the world's archeological marvels, to the spiritually charming Mandalay and the unparalleled way of living on Lake Inle to the lofty scenery of the Shan Hills. Bagan was established in 849 AD on the powdery shores of the Irrawaddy River and extends across the centre of Myanmar and is one of the most noteworthy archeological places in all of Asia.

Bagan's plain is home to around 2200 different shaped and sized shrines, stupas as well as couples. The Hsipaw is a small city in Shan State and a favourite place for travelers looking for a leisurely rhythm of living and wanting to discover the charming landscape of Burma's countryside.

It is perhaps best known for its unparalleled ability and skills in steering its vessels around the water, fishing many and many. The Irrawaddy (also known as the Ayeyarwaddy), one of the largest river in the whole wide range, runs from northern Myanmar, near Putao, into the Irrawaddy Delta in the southern part of the country, near Yangon.

There are also more and more cruisers that carry passengers on easy daily excursions or longer, more luxury holidays. Kalaw lies high (1320m) on the west side of the Shan Plateau in the beautiful Shan State. Kengtung is a beautiful city in Shan State and lies in the center of the Golden Triangle.

Because of its position, it is a starting point for daily excursions into the mountain to discover the Akha, Lahu, Wa & Shan tribes' people. A small, scenic town on the lowlands of North Kayah State, it is a great starting point from which to discover little affected areas of the tribe.

The Monywa is a large, rural trading city in the warm, shallow plain of central Myanmar. Approximately the same distance from Mandalay and Bagan, it makes a decent night's lodging to interrupt your trips by car and/or sea between the two main travelers. Mount Popa, which rises above the countryside, is often called Myanmar's Mount Olympus and is only two hours by car from Bagan.

Mount Popa, which in Sanskrit means "flower", an extinguished vulcano in the midst of wonderful mountains, is a truly astonishing sight. Nyaung Shwe is the gate to an island called Inle See and will normally be the departure point for the Inlesee. However, these few evenings Nyaung Shwe is becoming a little more of a "scene" and more and more people in the area decide to remain in the city to spend the evenings enjoying a wide range of places to eat and drink, rather than just sitting by the lakeside, where nighttime can be a little quieter.

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