Best Tourist place in Myanmar

Myanmar's best tourist resort

Popular attractions in Myanmar (Burma) Yangon. These are some of the best tourist attractions and activities in Burma. Yangon and Mandalay, explore Bagan and hike through the mountains. Irrawaddy Delta and central Burma has the most important tourist attractions and the best tourist infrastructure in the country. Cruising on a river through Myanmar is probably the best way to travel to Myanmar's destinations.

In 2014, Burma will be named "World's Best Destination" by the EU.

Burma receives the 2014 World Best Tourist Destination Award from the European Council for Trade and Tourism, one of the highest awards in the world' s industrial community. ANGOON - The European Council on Trade and Tourism will present Burma with the World Best Tourist Destination Award for 2014, one of the highest awards in the international tourist and tourist sector, according to the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism.

Since 2007, the European Council for Tourism and Trade, which brings together its members from 27 European Union countries, has presented the award each year. Syria, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates (two-time winner), South Korea, Trinidad and Tobago and Laos have already received the World Best Tourist Destination Award according to the ECTT website.

This prize goes to "countries that use the tourist industry as a source of resources for technological and societal developments, respects the ethic of people' s relationships and preserves their own culture and heritages. The ECTT website states: "Cities and federal states must demonstrate their dedication to promoting sustainability, equitable travel and monument conservation.

After attracting 2.04 million visitors to Burma last year, the general manager said the administration is targeting 3 million international visitors this year. "Burma will be visited by 93 per cent more people in 2013 than in 2012. The global tourist sector is not growing comparatively fast," he said, and added that 487,000 people have visited Burma in the last two heats.

"On the ECTT website, the prize is intended to boost the tourist spirit of the prizewinner, who must be a non-European state. According to a recent EU Council statement to the Ministry of Hotel and Tourist Affairs, Burma will remain a "Favorite Cultural Destination" in 2014.

"Theingi, Executive Vice President of Exotic Myanmar Travels & Tours Company, said: "I expect more visitors to come to our land with the 2014 World' s Best Tourist Destination event. It added that more seasoned travel books, dining, hotels and air connections would be needed to take account of the anticipated tourist growth in the years ahead.

Burma's Ministry of Hotel and Tourist Aung Zaw Win said there are currently more than 1,300 chartered tourist operators in Burma, and more than 20 national and international carriers are flying into Burma. Burma's tourist industries are generally seen as under-developed, and travelling to Burma has been a political problem for more than two centuries.

The long-standing democratic symbol, Aung San Suu Kyi, for many years dispirited foreign nationals from coming to the countryside and said that their funds would only serve to enrich the reigning army jungle and its coalition partners, who had largely monopolised the state.

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