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We welcome your experiences and suggestions during the best visiting hours! We welcome your experiences and suggestions during the best visiting hours! Middle, North and East; When is the best time to visit Burma? This is one of the busiest times for tourism in Myanmar, overlapping with the winter holiday season.

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However, I suggest a stay between November and February. Nearly everything is better than the other seasons. I voted for the best period of the year, with five journeys, from November to February. Yes, I know the level of the tourism seasons, but I rather enjoy the dryer, colder climate and don't feel worried when the hotels and airfares are a while up.

"If you are going to see the most visited tourist attractions, you will undoubtedly meet the masses of coaches. But it is unbelievably simple to get away from groups and other travellers.

I go mid-April to early May ("hottest months", I think). I' ve nothing against the heats and hopefully less people. I have toured Thailand many times, different month and de-ffo favor April season, if you can manage the 36-plus 40 degree temperature then you are fine. 36-plus 40°C. I have been to Thailand many years. People in Burma hates the beginning of May because they too are suffering from the oppressively hot and humid weather and are praying that the monsoons will be broken.

Perhaps a common monthly period - from the end of October until November....? October is the best months to come to Myanmar. It' s very good to see in here and everywhere!

for first-time travellers 7 must-have experiences in Myanmar

Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) is gradually making its marks on the pail list after years of mating. Of course, the land has much to show the enthusiastic traveler - the general casualness of the natives towards the foreigner, an untouched civilization, innumerable coupons and the attraction to explore the unfamiliar - which makes Myanmar an unrivalled traveler this year.

From a racy sundown on a Ayeyarwaddy River swimming ship to some of the most celebrated historic Stupa, explore Wonderful Myanmar on an 8-day cruise with Brothers International from $2,190 now! When you first travel to Myanmar, here is a listing of 7 must-have experience in that country:

Balloon flights over Bagan can be the climax of your journey. Whilst on the floor it is not possible to envision the expansion of the old temple in the small city of Bagan, but at an altitude of 10,000 feet. You can see the impressive views of the temple walking along the Bagan Plain with the magnificent Irrawaddy River.

Bagan has three major providers - Golden Eagle, Balloons Over Bagan and Eastern Balloning. Balloon flights run from April to October and cost about US$290 to US$320 (quite cheap, ha!). At a serious remark, if you have the means and times, then it is a unique one.

Flying orientental balloning, I found it very professionally. To get a better offer, make a reservation through a retailer. Please make your booking in good notice, as they are usually fully charged. When you have the luxuries of the moment, ask the balloon airline about the winds before planning - it can be a boring night when there is no/low winds.

Traveling slowly is the way to water in this land. When you are on the barrier to sign up for this event, ask yourself when you will get the opportunity to be in Burma next and race down the powerful Irrawaddy. You' re gonna have to take some fucking quality air.

Mandalay's ferry departs around 7am and arrives in Bagan at 4pm. You can book your ticket at any of the hotels or tourist agencies on site. Fantastic view of Legaing Hill on the way out of Mandalay and the temple remains on the way to Bagan are great photographic possibilities. Ask your lodging to wrap your breakfasts for you (meals on the yacht are not enough).

It' a hottie state. Metsummer? Let yourself be struck by the diversity of Salad consumed in this land. Be fortunate to be in Myanmar during the Thadingyut-Festivals. It is a celebration of light and fireworks, and the local people can light the candle in front of their houses and shrines.

Regardless of which town you are in, every big sanctuary like Shwedagon in Yangon, Su Taung Pyi Pagoda in Mandalay or Shwezigon Pagoda in Bagan has the same fun and atmosphere. Mandalay is home to a road fair offering a wide range of local dishes, right under the shrines near the Palazzo.

Burma is a land that drinks teas. Don't be amazed if folks at the side of the road are constantly having their teas. Kalaw, a city on a hillside, is an ideal place to recover from the blazing sundown. In Myanmar, if your way is to enjoy the outdoors, interact with local residents and experience rural living, then you should definitely do so.

In the city there are a bunch of small agencies that you can simply reserve for the hike. This hike usually lasts 3 or 2 consecutive visits, but if you have less free space, you can make your own arrangement. An English-language tour guides will accompany you and inform you about the country's life style.

If you are in the spirit for a stress-free vacation, keep it for the next one. Burma is a photographers' heaven. Every goal in the land has its own charme - scale a high hill in Bagan to capturing the vibrant colors of the skies at sunrise/sunset; if portraiture is your strength, the robed portraits of the friars would draw your eye; or you can wander around Yangon city centre to capturing the city' s colorful past.

Of course, this is not an exhausting experience in Myanmar. Much of Myanmar, a large land at the intersection of many different civilizations and cultural influence, has a lot of things to do that are still awaiting to be explored. There is a rapid increase in the number of visitors to the land, but the land and civilization are still untouched.

Without a doubt, this is the best moment to come to the land and make the adventure your own. It found a new lease of fancy in her traveling world. Like a native, she enjoys traveling and doesn't hesistate to go out of her way. They believe that it is also a duty to shift people's perspectives on other states.

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