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We welcome your experiences and suggestions during the best visiting hours! We welcome your experiences and suggestions during the best visiting hours! This is one of the busiest times for tourism in Myanmar, overlapping with the winter holiday season. PagecontentBack to top; Visiting hours and regional differences;

Clothing. In a difficult time in the country's history, Myanmar shows how important it is to raise the base's flag.

2, 3 or 4 wks

You will see in Burma (Myanmar): men in skirts, men and men with thinaka pasta on their faces, betel nut covered pavements, rose dressed friars, horse-drawn carriages as a means of transport. You won't see in Burma: Burma is one of the most thrilling places on earth for me to be visiting right now.

I and a mate noticed that the trip was the way we had hoped it would be fifty years ago. Though sometimes precipitous, the challenge of organizing and conducting trips in Burma offers the rewards for experiencing (and talking to locals) that you cannot get anywhere else in the world.

Be it two, three or four week in Burma... you will not lose your time there. Burma Trip: Two Week This journey is the "Golden Kite" classical with the highpoints. tabtext]Days 1-2[/tabtext] [tabtext]Day 3[/tabtext][tabtext][tabtext]Days 4-6[/tabtext] [tabtext]Days 7-9[/tabtext] [tabtext]Days 10-13[/tabtext] [tabtext]Day 14[/tabtext][/tabcontainer][tabcontent][tab](BANGKOK):

The best way to start most travel to Burma is to stop in Bangkok, Thailand, for both transits and visas. Beyond the preparation of your consular visas, take time to visit one of Asia's capitals and at least - do yourself a favour and already start eating some road-meal.

YANGON: Travels to and from Burma are all from Yangon. MANDALAY: Burma's other center, a big town with many small gems in and around the area. When your visas are complete or you choose not to get them in Bangkok - at the end of the schedule include a brief journey to Kyaiktiyo (Golden Rock) instead of the first two nights in Bangkok.

When you have little time, you will want to travel this distance by plane. So I used Santa Maria Travel on thirty-twothird street. The travel information is restricted. It was important for me to learn as much as possible about Burma before I arrived. Lonely Planet's Myanmar, the only travel guide available, provides a great source of information - but you can add up-to-date information as the land is moving faster than spending can keep up.

Most of all I mentioned: Wikitravel for Myanmar, especially accommodation in single citys. I read this time in the land, and I really loved it. This prizewinning play I have written about an encounters in Mandalay for travel journalist Don George. Are Burma/Myanmar on your travel wish lists?

Anyone who has been there has a most useful (but somehow hard to find) travel resource: a route that is easy to find. Therefore I have agreed to publish my 2, 3, 4 week travel proposals here on PTT.

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