Best Time to Visit Yangon Myanmar

Yangon Myanmar is the best time to visit

From Yangon to Dala by ferry. When' s the best time to visit Yangon, Myanmar? Explore the high season and when to visit Yangon. While Mandalay was probably the worst, Yangon and Bagan were hot, but okay. All beaches are closed during this time and Yangon receives a lot of rain.

Yangon is the best time to visit

Burma has a predominantly tropic weather, which can generally be classified into three different periods of the year. Yangon is located in southern Myanmar and is relatively hot all year round. Generally the best time to visit Yangon is during the cold months of November to January when it is much cooler and relatively little rain falls.

When you want to enjoy the unforgettable celebrations in Myanmar, especially in Yangon, this means that you have to make your choice of itineraries according to the holidays. Please be aware that the celebrations are oriented towards the moons cycles, especially the full moons of each and every single moons months, and therefore take place on different occasions in the westerly, solar-based calender.

Tabaung Monday sees the year' s Shwedagon Fest, the biggest payment party in Myanmar. Full Monday in Tabaung is also a good time to build new paysas, and the city' s own paysafes. Full Monday of Tabaung is when there are charity sacrifices for religious and funfairs are organized in the temple.

January 4 - Independence is an important celebration characterized by a seven-day mass at Kandawgyi (Royal) Lake in Yangon. At this time there are also trade shows all over Myanmar. He/she loves to advise travelers to Myanmar and has created this site to help everyone who is interested in Myanmar.

Weather Yangon - travel guide and more information about Yangon

In Southeast Asia, the Yangon region has a tropic atmosphere. Warm and arid (March - May), rain (June - October), cool and arid (November - February). Whilst Yangon can be attended at any time of year, it is best to go after the wet seasons from November to January when it is a bit colder and not so damp.

Visitor should take along lightweight and laid-back cottons, but the selection of garments depends on the time of year. Warm garments may be required during the cold seasons in Yangon. Yangon is best visited in the colder seasons of November to February, especially in December and January, when the climate is driest and sunniest.

Yangon, like the remainder of Myanmar, is enjoying arid, sunshine from November to April when the northeastern monsoons come through. Temperature rises in March and April, and when the south-west moonson gets damp in May, it can get very warm and tacky. Rainfall continues until the end of October, with more than 500 millimeters of precipitation in the humidest of August and September.

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