Best Time to Visit Myanmar Weather

Weather in Myanmar is the best time to visit

Myanmar is best visited from December to February when the days are usually dry and relatively cool. Weather and climate information for your next holiday adventure. Weather, climate and best time to travel to Myanmar. An understanding of the weather and climate in Myanmar will help you choose the best time to visit and prepare for your trip to Myanmar. The best time to visit Myanmar from November to February, from a weather perspective, is when temperatures are relatively favourable.

Burma - Weather

Like most South East Asia destinations, Myanmar is experiencing three seasons: warm (March to May), wet (June to October) and cold (November to February). Burma is a very hilly land and the weather and temperature varies widely from lowlands to summits as altitudes change. In general, the temperature can rise up to 104°F during the hottest months of the year and can become humid.

It is the wet period, the monsoons, and it rains 24 hours a day, with the highest quantities in July and August. The temperature is between 75°F and 84°F. During the chilly seasons, sees depths of 62°F during the nights and heights of 82°F during the days.

Because Myanmar is so long, about 1,275 leagues from the northern to the south tip, the temperature and weather vary widely from one area to another. The northern and north-western parts of the countryside, where there are high mountains, have colder weather. Nearly the whole west side of the land is coastal line, where there is more rain.

In this way, even in the hotest season, the visitor can experience a cold climate in the mountain, just as the colonists did. As for the weather, it is best to visit Myanmar between November and March, which is nice during the days and cold at nights. It is also a favourite time for Europe's top hotel guests and can be fully book.

Bookings must be made in advanced, especially during the Christmas time. From November to March is also after the rainy period, which means little precipitation and before the actual arrival of the mist.

Myanmar Weather and Seasons

There are three distinct tourist periods in Myanmar: Cold weather (winter) - November to February with mean temperature of 68 -70°F (20-25°C). Sumer - March to May with mean temperature of 86-95°F (30-35°C). Rainy period (monsoon) - June to October with mean temperature of 70-86°F (25-30°C).

It' important to remember that the Myanmar weather differs greatly from place to place: The weather in Yangon on a particular date is probably not the same as the weather in Bagan. One should also consider that it will be colder and colder in the hills of the Chin and Kachin states in the northern hemisphere.

Indeed, the highest summits of Myanmar can be exposed to snow. Travelers travelling even to the lowland of these states are recommended to take along appropriate clothes. This is also true for a visit to one of the mountain resorts in overwinters. The majority of Myanmar visitors visit during the cold season: it is not scorchingly clear and the sky is clear.

Myanmar's cold time of year also comes at the same time as most of the country's pagodas. Travelers come to Myanmar outside the cooler seasons and benefit from lower prices and the shortage of other overseas. When you come during these few seasons, remember that either the sunshine and moisture or rains can force you to seek protection every day, and that many off-road targets such as Putao and Chin Hills may be inaccessible due to floods and rainy mountains.

The reality is that there is no best time to visit Myanmar as it is dependent on the aspirations and aspirations of every one. Please contact us if you have any further queries about Myanmar's year round and how it could impact your travel.

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