Best Time to Visit Burma Weather

The best time to visit Burma Weather

The month of February is again one of the most popular times to visit Myanmar. The weather never kept me from a bargain, but I kept fighting and discovered that the wet and wild rainy season could be the best time to visit! It's fun to see the way the smile on their faces makes the most of the wet weather. Myanmar monks in the semi-desert area in hot weather. Weather can get quite hot, so it's refreshing to jump into the swimming pool.

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Is it best to prevent monsoons, which I think are between May and August, but is it really a real issue to travel within that time? Thanks, shoulder seasons of November and February are great, good weather without the highest prices around Christmas & New Year. best time is whenever u go, actually Nov-March the weather is best but its also the most crowded. hey.

Hi, Even the rainiest time in SEA is from mid-July to early September, so to get the low rate with a little bit of heat (during the summers ), you can begin the trip in May to June. The thread has been discontinued due to apathy.

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February Weather in Myanmar - The best time to visit Myanmar (Burma)?

February is again one of the most visited months in Myanmar. Lowland temperature can be as low as the 1930s, while the highland is in the middle to high 1920s. All of the land is still in the drought, which means that rain is relatively seldom. The temperature is still mild, but will rise from January.

However, as the weather improves, the number of tourists increases, making this one of the most busy month to visit the state. If you plan a visit in February, it is strongly advised to book in advance. The south of the state and along the coast is perfect for walking along the beaches.

As of January, the centre level remains warm, although the temperature is quite bearable (especially in comparison to the following months). The temperature has risen in the Shan State and Inle Lake area, but the nights are still quite lively, so a coat is recommended.

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