Best Time to Visit Burma

The best time to visit Burma

From October the sky will be clear. Myanmar's rough guide. This is the best time for your trip to Ngapali: If you plan to travel to Southeast Asia soon and wonder when is the best time to come to Southeast Asia, don't look anymore. THE MYANMAR TRAVEL GUIDE - WHEN TO TRAVEL.

The best season to come to Burma

It is the best period to come to Burma between December and March: it is not raining and it is not getting too warm this year..... Sud-western monsoons begin between May and June and last until October. You' re sure Burma is a lovely place, but don't go through the really hottest month.

November to March is the best season to explore this exhilarating area. In all other seasons the sun is hot and it is raining a lot. It is the area of the beautiful Lake Inle and the beautiful surrounding mountains. Go on a boat tour to see the stilts cottages, an adventure that will enchant you before you set off for a hike in the Kalaw area.

A further possibility is to discover the frontier area and its tribe cultures by exploring Kengtung and its surroundings. You can also see a number of peaks and hill towns to prevent the wet and hot summers. Go on a coach or bike ride and hike one of the days to the top of Mount Popa, the extinguished Myanmar ghosts' nomad.

Simply do not go through the incredibly warm summers. The Arakan is not very open to the public, but it is a nice place and it' s definitely a good place to visit. The Himalayan Myanmar's renowned icebergs are located in this area. you won't be enjoying your journey so much.

All about Myanmar climates, the best times to get the most out of your Myanmar holiday?

Choosing the best moment to visit Myanmar is not an straightforward process and will depend very much on what you want from your missions. Furthermore, the land has a great deal to show for all year round, as you can find here: Burma has three seasons: the rainy and rainy months, the drought and the heat of the year.

Begins at the end of May/beginning of June, the wet, warm and wet seasons are the time of the monsun. Burma has lower air moisture, milder temperatures and low precipitation during the drought (from November). Temperatures return in February to May, when the highest value of over 40 degrees centigrade can be reached.

Severe rainfalls in the area of the river Danube sometimes make the streets impassable and some areas become unapproachable. The Ngapali Bay, for example, a very popular tourist spot in Burma, is shut down at this hour due to the torrential rain and wind blowing down the shore. After the monsoons and before the November-February hot spells, the best season to come to Burma is after the monsoons.

Please note that this is also the most busy travel time, so it can be difficult to book and plan your itinerary. Both before and after the November-February time you can select the hills or shores for mild meteorological conditions and concentrate your primary activity on the evening when there is a trend towards colder days.

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