Best Time to Visit Burma

The best time to visit Burma

The best time to visit Myanmar is in the dry season between November and February. Myanmar's best time to visit is the cool season from October to February, when temperatures are more moderate and there is little or no rain. Date of visit, level of comfort, day/night best time to visit Myanmar. Discover the best time to visit Burma (Myanmar), with details on climate, seasons and..

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Is it best to prevent monsoons, which I think are between May and August, but is it really a real issue to travel within that time? Thanks, shoulder seasons of November and February are great, good wheather without the highest prices around Christmas & New Year. best time is whenever u go, actually Nov-March the wheather is best but its also the most crowded. a...

Hi, Even the rainiest time in SEA is from mid-July to early September, so to get the low rate with a little bit of heat (during the summers ), you can begin the trip in May to June. The thread has been discontinued due to apathy.

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What is the best time to visit Myanmar 2018?

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is located between China, Thailand and India in Southeast Asia and is part of the economical ASEAN blocs. Burma has an area of 678,500 square kilometers and a total of more than 53 million inhabitants. When is the best time to visit Myanmar?

If you are looking for a great vacation in Myanmar, the wheather is very important. There are 3 different seasons in Myanmar: Cold & Dry - November to February, Hot & Dry - March to May and Rainy Seasons (or Green Season) from June to October. The Myanmar climat is a rainforest of monsoons.

Yearly averages range from 72ºF (22°C) to 80ºF (27°C) all year round, but the area and the top 5 Myanmar destinations (Bagan, Inle Lake, Mandalay, Yangon and Ngapali Beach) have their own climates. When is the best time to visit Myanmar? All you can await during the cold and arid seasons in Myanmar:

Outside the wet period, sporadic rainfall at the beginning of October. Wears in Myanmar in the cold and arid season: It is a good plan to lay ering, a good parasol and a light raincoat. Do you think it is the best time to visit Myanmar during the 2010 edition of the K&D Series?

The best time to visit Myanmar is October to February. When' s the hottest time of the year in Myanmar: Awaiting you in Myanmar during the year: the best of the best: Wearing something in Myanmar is the hottest time of year: In comparison to Thailand, the heat in Myanmar is not as wet as in Bangkok or Phuket, for example.

In Myanmar, a helmet is a must during the hottest months of the year; sunscreen or even Thai sunscreen must be in your pocket. We recommend that the clothing covers the shoulders (for those who visit the Myanmar pagodas) and for men we recommend that they wear trousers, but not too-shortly.

Are you sure it's the best time to visit Myanmar in the heats? Yea and no; whether you like warm or not. It is still a great time of the year for Myanmar; it gets warmer in the second one. It is not a very good time of the year to visit Myanmar if you like to play with waters and get soaked.

Myanmar New Year and for 5-6 nights all streets are full of water yaks. The prices are very high, the busses are very full and it is not possible to get a free place and the Ngapali Beach is fully occupied.

May can be as high as 42-43ºC (108-109ºF); it is not recommended for older persons and those with cardiac problems to visit Myanmar in May. Myanmar in May is the good thing about the trip - it is already regarded as the verdant time of year and Myanmar has a great prize for a hotel except for the 4* and 5* in Myanmar.

If it rains in Myanmar: June-September . Which you should be wearing in Myanmar in the rain season: When it rains, the Yangon and Mandalay roads can get 20 cm below the mudflats. It can get slimy in Inle Lake and Bagan and be prepped with an additional set of boots.

Mould is everywhere (especially in Yangon) and for long trips to Myanmar clothing can be affected. The hotel in Myanmar provides a blanket, so it is not necessary to take one from home, but a small one from the plan! It is also called the "green season" because the landscape at this time of year is luxuriant verdant, especially the paddy fields.

Especially the remains of Bagan in Myanmar will be less overcrowded. Are you sure it's the best time to visit Myanmar in the wet weather? It is still a good time of the year to visit Myanmar - there is less precipitation (can only be rained for 30 minutes a night in the afternoon), fewer visitors and good offers for trips to Myanmar.

At Inle the waters are rising again and all channels are open again. The August is the highlight of the Myanmar rains. Ngapali is not open in most of Ngapali Beaches most of the time and the waters at the Ubein Bridge in Mandalay are high. Together with June, September is one of the best months to visit Myanmar during the wet seasons.

Raindrops in intensity, the temperature is getting a little higher and the whole land is verdant, especially the plain of Bagan. No balloons over Bagan in September yet. What is the January forecast for Myanmar? Do you think it is the best time to visit Myanmar in January? Baagan - Ideal for the January ballooning in the mornings.

Mornings are not above 14ºC (57ºF) - a little cool - so don't miss to take your coat with you when you take the fantastic ballooning in Bagan. There is no January rains in Bagan, but from year to year. The year 2018 was the year it was raining for 4 consecutive rains in early January; but it was raining all over Myanmar during those and more.

Weather at Inle Lake in January is chilly and arid. Myanmar's second biggest pond, Inle Lake, with an approximate area of 44.9 sq. km (116 sq. km), is 880m above sealevel. Throughout January the temperature is as high as 24ºC (75ºF) and lowest at 16ºC (61ºF). In the mornings the temperature can fall to 8ºC and with the effect of the rain the actual sensation can be lower, so have a ticks coat and ask for a cover from your skipper during your Inle lake tour.

Rains are near zero and the wet seasons are away for month. andalay - The January climate in Mandalay is a great mix of climate and humid. At a maximum of 28ºC (82ºF) and a minimum of 13ºC (55ºF), a visit to Ubein Bridge or AVA can make your journey almost complete.

The Ngapali Beach - This is the high seasons for trips to Myanmar. Ngapali's climate is warm and arid, the sea temperatures are great. Conclusion: The January Ngapali meteorological conditions are ideal to end the personal trip to Myanmar! What is the Myanmar weathers like in February? February Myanmar Overview:One of the best months to visit Myanmar, but also the busyest.

In the Inle-See, where every day several hundred rowing ships are waiting for you, many visitors are waiting for you. When you want to take your visitors to a more distant part of Myanmar than Chin State for a ride with the female tattoos. The New Year sometimes comes at the end of the months, so it is a bustling time to visit and around Myanmar, especially Bagan and Mandalay.

Will it be the best time to visit Myanmar in February? Baagan - Sun is in the skies in Bagan in February more than 11 hrs per days and no overcast. February weather in Bagan is getting warmer than February, but not too much - the February mean high in Bagan is 32 ºC (90ºF) and low at 15 ºC (59ºF). It's better to begin the Bagan trip early in the mornings and visit the colorful Bagan market.

Lake Inle - The summer period is nearing and the temperature is beginning to increase; the mean high is 26ºC (79ºF) and falls to 18ºC (64ºF) in the mornings. When you plan to visit the 5-day Inle Lake store, you should wear appropriate clothing. There is no rains.

When you want to reserve a Lakefront Resort, it is better to make your reservation a few months in advance. 2. In February, good properties in Inle Lake are fully occupied. In Ngapali Beaches - The February temperatures in Ngapali are slightly warmer than in February, but as long as the beaches and the ocean are near you along with a glass of freshly brewed chocolate, it doesn't make any difference.

Are you travelling to Myanmar in February? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for your personal Myanmar trip. What is the March forecast for Myanmar? March Myanmar Overview: Even if it gets hoter, there is still no precipitation. Drive to the mountain resorts of Kalaw, Pyin Oo Lwin or Hsipaw for great meteorological conditions and great hiking along the mountainfolk.

Where' s the best time to visit Myanmar in March? March is the month that marked the change from the cold to the warm seasons in Myanmar. The location of Bagan in the semi-arid area is more strongly affected in comparison to Mandalay or Inle Lake. Regarding the March temperature in Bagan, it will be 38ºC (100ºF) in the afternoons and 24ºC (75ºF) in the mornings and afternoons.

Attempt Bagan sight-seeing in the afternoons and 777 levels to Mt Popa for a full days out of Bagan is not a very good option if you have cardiac issues. It' better for a boat ride in Bagan. In Bagan during the months of April, the probability of precipitation is near zero (0).

To Inle Lake - The last months of the Inle Lake ballooning time. Ballooning in Inle Lake, Myanmar is short of the Bagan ballooning time. Inle' s last flight is March 15, so you better take the prepayment for a great flight over Inle.

You will be picked up by skipper in the early hours of the day, when the weather is as low as 13ºC (55ºF). In the afternoons, the weather can be as high as 22ºC (72ºF); the heat is more intense during the months of March, so it is better to have a lotion in your pad. March is one of the most hot March for the Mandalay area.

The air moisture is at it' s low ('54%) and still no signs of precipitation. In Mandalay, after lunches, when the heat is the most powerful factor to your resort pools. What is the weather like in Myanmar in April? April Weather Overview: The warmest but also one of the driest months in Myanmar.

Mellow enough for comfort when travelling. New Year' s Day sometimes comes in the midmonth, making it a bustling time to visit Myanmar. Will it be the best time to visit Myanmar in April? Weather in Bagan in April is at its highest.

During the afternoons, average temperatures of more than 39-40ºC (102-104ºF) - better staying in your hotels with Bagan pools or hire an air-conditioned vehicle to visit the mountain peaks instead of hiring an e-bike or bicycle. Bagan can be visited in April, but only to make sure you have enough bottled swill.

The start of the hottest period also begins in Inle Lake in April. It is a favorite time of year for locals trying to get away from the Yangon sun and travel to Inle Lake during the New Year; make sure you reserve your Inle Lake accommodation at least a full months in advance. Inle Lake is a great place to stay.

A few occasional rainfalls can happen - about 48 mm of precipitation in April in the Inle Lake region. andalay - The warmest time of the year in Mandalay with temperatures up to 39ºC (102) Some occasional rainfall can happen (2 nights per month). What is the weather like in Myanmar in May?

Myanmar May Rainfall: The wet spell starts at the end of the months. Ngapali or Ngwe Saung to the beaches or Kachin, Putao, Hsipaw or Inle Lake to the north of Myanmar for colder days. Will it be the best time to visit Myanmar in May?

It is raining and the weather is getting a little cold. Bagan temperature falls to 97ºF (36ºC) during the morning and 74ºF (23ºC) at nights in May. Decreasing temperature makes the months of May more pleasant than April for a visit to Bagan.

End of May it begins to rainy in Bagan - only 24mm and 7 in all. Don't wait for the whole morning rainy - mostly there will be 1 hour of precipitation, followed by great wheather to visit the Pagoda around Bagan. Lake May Inle Lake conditions are getting colder with mean temperature up to 84ºF (29ºC) and 77ºF (25ºC) in the afternoons.

In the middle of May it begins to rains and the channels are full again. According to the rainy conditions of the past seasons, not all channels can be reached by skipper and the lake can sink significantly; Lake Inle has a deepness of only 3m. The temperature in the evenings can fall to 18ºC (64ºF) and the rainfall is 200mm in May in Inle Lake.

Ngapali is open in May and the rates are lower than in the highest-period. Although it is warm, May is a good time to visit Ngapali because of the hotel rates in Ngapali. What is the forecast for Myanmar in June? June weathers: It is the beginning of the wet seasons in Myanmar, but the rains are not yet so heavy and make June a comfortable months for travelling with comfortable tempera.

The majority of the sea front resorts are shut until the end of August and some of the Inle Lake resorts are also shut down for work. Will it be the best time to visit Myanmar in June? The Yangon - And the anticipated rains are coming! Yangon in June and the climate is back in breath.

Anticipate rains every single and 547mm (21. 5in) of Yangon every single night throughout the year. Weather in Bagan in June is wetter and the number of wet weather conditions rises to 7-10 per week. Rainfall is more or less the same as last year.

Lakes Inle - All channels of the Lakes Inle are open again in June. In the second months of the wet seasons it rains 230mm and the number of wet weather is only 13. This way you still have more than half the June day without the rains in Inle-See.

At 75ºF (24ºC) and 66ºF (19ºC) and good rates for accommodation in and around Lake Inle, June is a good and good months for travelling to Lake Inle and Myanmar. Mandalay-This June averages a very warm June at 86°F (30°C) and night thermals are generally warm with an 77°F (25°C) averages.

Thirty-eight June is the highest rains in Mandalay (160cm rain) and high air moisture (78%). Await a number of 7 wet weather in Mandalay this months. In Ngapali Beach the first months of the wet seasons come with a lot of sun. The Ngapali banks are affected by up to 1300mm of rains and powerful wind.

Most of the Ngapali hotel complexes are shut down in June and only a few are open. You better jump over Ngapali in June. In June the temperature is reduced - only 29ºC (84ºF) during the afternoon and 24ºC (75ºF) in the mornings. Are you going to Myanmar in June? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for your personal Myanmar trip.

What is the weather like in Myanmar in July? July weather overview in Myanmar: Strong rains begin in all Myanmar's touristic destinations; the highest precipitation levels occur in Ngapali and Yangon, while Mandalay and Bagan may remain arid for several additional nights, including in downtown Myanmar.

Because of the strong rains the northerly part like Kachin, Putao and Hsipaw are not so good for hiking-tour. Do you think it is the best time to visit Myanmar in July? Baagan - July weather in Bagan has the same features as June. The number of wet weather is similar to 7-10 and it does not rainstorm as much - only 18 mm.

In Bagan the wet season is still good for visiting the rains in the region, despite the less intense rains than in Yangon or Ngapali Beach. July is similar to June for Inle Lake. There is a small rise in rainfall - 230 cm and the number of wet- and dry spells is 15 in comparison to 13 in June.

Temperature drops slightly to 74ºF (23ºC) in the afternoons, and at 66ºF (19ºC), fewer visitors to Inle in June mean less hustle and bustle on the lakeside in the mornings when you choose an Inle Lakesort. Sandalay - June in Mandalay can be regarded as the best months to visit Mandalay during the wet seasons.

For example, the mean high temperatures in July are only 2°C higher than in February and at 34ºC (93ºF) as high and low as 24ºC (75ºF) daily excursion to Sagaing or Ubein Bridge can be added to your Mandalay itinerary.

The Ngapali Beach July has the same patterns as June. Besides that the rains are even stronger; more than 1400 cm of rains fall in July; swells during the storms can be up to 5-6 meters, so windsurfing can be a good choice for Ngapali during the monsoons.

What is the forecast for Myanmar in August? August weathers in Myanmar: The rainy one in Myanmar; at the end of the months the climate gets better with less precipitation. Baagan can get less rains, but still no ballooning in August in Myanmar. Will it be the best time to visit Myanmar in August?

August is the rainy August in Inle Lake. At 288 cm and 17 nights of precipitation, it can't be such a good months to come to Inle. It is still at half the rainfall in Rome in November (140mm), but you have to remember that it rains very heavily here during some hrs, not permanently during the whole time.

In the afternoons the temperature is 21ºC (70ºF) and the lowest of 19ºC (66ºF), which makes the evening around the pond comfortable. Inle' s 5-day store is still available - because the stores are not for the tourist, like some of Bangkok's favourite malls. MNDALAY - August in Mandalay is similar to June; mostly the same rainfall (130mm) is almost twice as high as in July and the number of wet weather is 9; still good for the wet weather.

Temperatures remain at 92-93ºF (33-34ºC) and 74-76ºF (23-24ºC), making August a good time for trips to Mandalay and the surrounding area. From Mandalay to Bagan the boat is sailing again because the level is rising again. In Ngapali Beach - The August forecast is the same as in July.

Apart from the fact that the rains are even stronger; more than 1410 cm of precipitation fall in August; wind speeds can reach 50-60 km/h; more temperature remains stable up to 29°C (84ºF) during the days and low values like 23°C (74ºF). Most of Ngapali's four or four nights in August are still over.

What is the weather like in Myanmar in September? September weather overview in Myanmar: rain at the beginning of the months and drought at the end of the months. Myanmar is turning agreen. Will it be the best time to visit Myanmar in September? September is the last rain period of Bagan.

Monsoons retreat and the number of wet rains in Bagan increase to 10 and the rainfall is 27 cm, the highest in the whole wet seasons in Bagan. September is the last time of the wet seasons or the verdant seasons, as Mandalay says.

In the Mandalay area, the number of rainy weather conditions is increased by 10 and the rainfall is 160 mm. What is the weather like in Myanmar in October? October weather in Myanmar: Start of the Myanmar tourism period and end of the MONSUN. Occasional rains may appear at the beginning of the months.

The temperature is up to 82ºF (28ºC), making October one of the best months to visit Myanmar. Will it be the best time to visit Myanmar in October? October weather in Bagan is forecast to be hot and humid throughout the whole months, with some early shower.

Over Bagan the ballons are at last in the sky and you can admire the view over the 2000 and more outcrops. The time is now ideal for some daily excursions from Bagan to either of them. The Inle Lake wet season in October is almost over in Inle.

Featuring only 8 rainy nights and 180 mm of rainy weather and 72ºF (22ºC) temperature, this is a great months touring to Inle. Are you travelling to Myanmar in October? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for your personal Myanmar trip. What is the weather like in Myanmar in November? November weather overview in Myanmar: Temperate weather throughout Myanmar and no rains in major locations such as Yangon, Bagan, Inle Lake and Ngapali Beach.

The hilly areas of Inle, Pyin Oo Lwin or Hsipaw have the coldest temperature - up to 8-9ºC in the mornings and evenings. Will it be the best time to visit Myanmar in November? It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in November.

It is not too busy, excellent November climate in the city of Ba?an with high 23-24ºC (74-75ºF) and low 16-17ºC (61-63ºF) and no down! This means that the likelihood of balloon cancellations over the bagan (due to the rain) is lower. November Inle Lake Wetter in Inle Lake is the first with almost no rains after the wet season. Inle Lake is the first lake with almost no sun.

It only rains 4 nights and only 78 mm rains, mostly brief shiver. It' ideal for a visit to Lake Inle or a full outing to Kakku or Taunggyi. November is up to 25ºC and slightly cooler in the afternoons - only 19ºC (66ºF) can reach 14ºC (57ºF) and the mornings can be quite chilly.

However, to visit Inle Lake in the mornings and have the fog of the mornings makes the whole afternoon unbelievable! November is the first months after the wet period in Mandalay; the rains stop the most - only 20mm rains and only at the beginning of the months and only 3-4 shows.

This is the beginning of the cold and arid Mandalay period, with a fall in temperatures to 84-86ºF (29-30ºC) in the afternoons, and 65-66ºF (18-19ºC) in the evenings, making the Mandalay Hill sundown even more pleasant. What is the weather like in Myanmar in December?

December weather overview in Myanmar: One of the colder months in Myanmar, but also one of the wettest at 29-30ºC (84-86ºF). Mellow enough for traveling perfectly and comfortably. Myanmar high seasons from mid-December to 10 January, when Myanmar's tourism arrives.

Year of Yangon - December is regarded as the high tourist seasons in Myanmar, so you should be expecting the city to be full of people. In Yangon it does not rainy in December, so the wheather is ideal for the whole of December. Myanmar's high seasons mean more tourism and that results in an overcrowded Bagan; but don't scare.

Bagan Archaeological Zone covers more than 104 km and offers room for everyone. Burma is not as much a favourite and overcrowded tourist resort as Thailand. And, of course, no rains in December in Bagan. During the high seasons, the December ballooning in Bagan is so much loved that you must reserve 2-4 moths in order to reserve your seat.

The Inle Lake Ballooning in Inle is a must when you visit Inle Lake in December; the Inle Lake Ballooning continues on November 15. Rains are near 0 and all weather is bright. Temperature continues to fall to 74ºF (23ºC) as peaks and 17 during the mornings, with 50ºF (10ºC) lowest, making December one of the coolest months in Inle Lake.

At the same time December is the best time to visit Lake Inle. December is one of the coolest months in Mandalay; the temperature drops to 25-26ºC (77-79ºF) during the course of the year and as low as 14-15ºC (58-59ºF), making December one of the best months to visit Mandalay.

It seldom rains in December and the visit to Mandalay is best during the whole daytime. The peak tourist seasons start on December 15, so many of our properties will be fully occupied, especially on Christmas and New Year's Eve. Myanmar is best visited in October, November, December, January and February.

When a visit to Myanmar during the above mentioned month is not possible, March, May, June and September are the next best options to visit Myanmar. What is NOT the best time to visit Myanmar? Are you traveling to Myanmar and looking for a Yangon-based tourist agent? Don't hesistate to get in touch with us for your trip to Myanmar!

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