Best Time to Visit Bagan Myanmar

The best time to visit Bagan Myanmar

The highest rainfall is in June and October. From March to May, however, it is boiling hot, especially in the plains near Bagan and Mandalay. It' best time to visit Bagan: The best time, month and season to visit Bagan, when to go to Bagan, Myanmar. It'?s the best time to visit.

When'?s the best time to visit Bagan? Usefull Information

One of the largest architectonic locations in Asia, Bagan is often the culmination of most travels to tropical Myanmar. We' re often asked when could be the best time of the year to visit the stunning site, so in our last review we thought we'd give an idea of what to look for when we go to Bagan at different hours of the year.

Breathtaking temples on the bank of the Irrawaddy River can be viewed all year round, but the exploration of the vast terrain is a different adventure from seasons to seasons, so every journey must be meticulously scheduled. As a rule, the best period is from mid-October to the end of March, as there is hardly any precipitation during these seasons and the daily temperature is not much higher than 30°C on a day.

Because of its outstanding weather, it is the most favoured time of year for tourists who come to the region and are therefore regarded as the high peak time. That may mean that it is more difficult to find hotels than in other seasons (especially if you try to make reservations near departure), as there is not a large amount of accommodations, especially compared to some other top Asian temples such as Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

One of the highlights for many is the unforgetable adventure of a ballooning flight over the various churches, Stupa's and the Irrawaddy River. However, it is important to know that these are only the period between October and March (due to strong wind and less dependable wheather in other months), so if this is a must for your visit (as it is right for many), then these are of course the time to go.

The visit at the end of October is our preferred holiday time in the high seasons, as the hotels will be more available than in other seasons, the ballooning will take place and the site will be at its best from June to September (more on this below).

April and May are the warmest, with maximum temperatures averaging over 40°C in the midday. Although for those who don't mind warmth, the advantages of travelling at this time of year are great; there are many hotels available and you will often have many of these astonishing monasteries all to yourself!

No matter what time of year, we always advise getting up early and to visit the site at break of day, as Bagan is most pleasant in the early sun. Because of the high daytime temperature in April and May, getting up early for a visit in these two seasons is really a must, as the temperature at sunrise is much more tolerable, around 30ºC.

During this time of year we also recommend you book a luxury resort with private pools, such as the Bagan Lodge, so you can relax from the afternoons! June to September is the wet period and it will be raining on most dates. Rainfall is less than in other parts of the year, Yangon included, and if you can take a few showers, it is an extraordinarily worthwhile time to be there.

Temperature is lower than in previous month, with maximum mean temperature of no more than about 30°C, you should find some good offers for accommodation and you won't have to divide this wonderful place with many other travellers. It is raining and the place looks best because the neighboring plain is the most green and the Irrawaddy shores are full of waters.

For more information on your visit to Bagan or other beautiful Myanmar travel destination, please consult our experts on the spot who can help you create an imaginative route to suit all your needs.

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