Best Time to go to Myanmar

The best time to travel to Myanmar

The best time to travel to Myanmar. Burma has a tropical climate and different seasons - hot, wet and cool. From March to May the country gets very hot. Is it possible to travel during the rainy season and still spend a nice holiday in Burma? Where should you put directly at the top of your Myanmar bucket list?

What is the best season to travel to Myanmar?

Fiestas take place all year round, but there are more in October and November than in any other season. These include the Elephant Dance International outside Mandalay, the Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda International Pagoda Dance in Inle and the Taunggyyii Baloon International Ball. Myanmar's largest celebration, Thingyan (Burma's New Year), takes place in April.

It can get quite warm at this season and it can be hard to cross the land, so you should keep that in mind when you are planing your journey with Thingyan. It is a great month to come to Myanmar to evade the mobs. As a rule, the sandy areas are open on October 1st, so you should schedule a late September tour that ends with a few nights on the sandy area in October if you are looking for it.

Myanmar (Burma) is the best travel season

It is important to consider the best times of the year when you plan to go to Myanmar or Burma. That is especially the case when it comes to scheduling cruises on rivers. It is important to be prepared for a wide range of meteorological conditions, according to your travelling period and the stream on which you will cross.

Much of Myanmar (Burma) has a 3 saison tropic moon climate: cold, warm and wet. Best times of year depend on your destinations, as stated below: The" cool" part of the year, the perfect holiday destination for an Irrawaddy river Cruise, goes from November to February. It is the most pleasant moment to visit Myanmar with the lowest relative humidities and the cleanest weather possible.

But the " cold " times are also the main tourist seasons for this part of the globe, so you have to reckon with fewer vacancies and higher fares for rivers, harbours and flights. In Myanmar, if you don't care about the warmth and a little more moisture, the "hot" seasons are still a good place to explore the Irrawaddy.

Throughout this period of the year, you will often find that the favorite places will be less overcrowded and you may even find better offers for hotel and air fares. The" rain season", also known as MONSUN period, lasts from June to October. Whilst these do not seem perfect for cruise on a stream, the heightened precipitation and the increasing water levels of the stream provide a luxuriant verdant scenery and allow cruise trips further to the flatter Chindwin river further North.

A Chindwin Creek trip, the biggest affluent of the Irrawady, is the perfect period from July to September. In the course of this year, the current will include routes that would otherwise not be accessible due to the current state of the year. A further important consideration when you plan a trip to Myanmar (Burma) is the amount of activities and festival that take place throughout the year.

This celebration celebrates the foundation, building and story of various famous pilgrimages or holy churches around Myanmar (Burma). Big celebrations like this often draw many different people from all over Myanmar and even from all over the globe and bring along a lot of different kinds of indigenous folk with them.

This type of event is a great way to really get to know Myanmar's wealthy people. It is noteworthy, however, that during the festivals the journey may be more complicated and accommodation may be more complicated due to the large flow of local people and travellers who visit the city.

Would you like to know more about the best times to see Myanmar (Burma)? For more information about Myanmar River cruises, please do not hesitate to do so.

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