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Which is the best time of year to travel to Myanmar? We' re thinking about taking a tour to Myanmar in March and wondering what the weather will be like. Winter is the best time to visit; this is the high season of tourism. Weather & best time to travel to southern Africa.

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If you should travel to Myanmar

What is the best time to see Myanmar? Myanmar's most pleasant and beloved time to be visited is the cold November to March, when you can enjoy arid, sunshine and temperate weather in most parts of the world. Pre-rainfall ( "March to May") and early-rainfall ( "June") are expected to be very warm and wet, with temperature above 40°C.

Apart from the unusually high rainfall from the end of May to August, the dryest areas of the countryside are the plain around Bagan and Mandalay, which prevent much of the yearly rainfall and stay relatively arid. Nov-January is a great time to come to Myanmar and you can again look forward to clear sky and sundown.

The month of January is a great time to come to Myanmar. All over the land you can enjoy arid weather and lots of sunny days. The weather in Yangon is warm/hot with daily averages of 32°C, in Mandalay it is a little colder with 23°C and in the old town of Bagan the daily averages 27°C. The weather is warmer.

Lake Inle is hot and cosy during the afternoon (26°C on average), but it gets cool at nights and we suggest you bring your own hot outfit. When you travel to higher elevations in the Shan Hills, the daily temperature is colder and evenings can decrease significantly.

The Gulf of Bengal offers warm, sun-drenched weather with mean temperature of 30°C and cold afternoons. In February you can enjoy nice weather all over Myanmar. The temperature is going up, but it's not too warm and wet, which means it's a great time to visit Yangon to explore the temple of Bagan or take a cruise on the tranquil Inle Lake.

Yangon is expected to have a temperature around 30°C, Mandalay is arid and light with mean temperature of 28°C and Bagan has a temperature around 32°C. When visiting Lake Inle, you can count on daily mean temperature of 28°C, which makes it a pleasant time to discover the swimming towns, market, temples and cloisters.

Lake Inle is encircled by the gentle slopes of the Shan Plateau and February is an excellent time for hiking in this area - the temperature is hot during the days, but it can get quite cold in the evening and early in the morning, so we recommend that you bring a sweater or tote.

Another great time of the year to unwind on the Ngapali beach on the Bengal coastline is February, and you can look forward to warm, sunshine full of 30 degrees Celsius and cold afternoons. Note that February is the best time to come to Myanmar, so if you plan to arrive this months, we recommend that you make reservations well in advance to make sure your favourite accommodations are available.

The temperature and air moisture have been rising since the beginning of the months and the visits can become unpleasant, especially on the main flats (Bagan). When you plan to discover the Bagan Temple, we suggest you come back to your hotels early in the mornings and at the height of the afternoon, then you can go back to the temple at sundown.

The Yangon gets very warm in March, with daylight around 40°C. The day in Mandalay is 36°C. In March it is colder at Lake Inle with an mean of 24°C. The Ngapali Beach is a great March opportunity and you can count on warm and sunshine with a mean of 28°C.

In Myanmar, April is the warmest of the year. The Yangon is extremly warm and you can count on a temperature above 40°C. Baagan is warm and arid, with temperature up to 40°C, while Inle Lake is slightly colder at 30°C on which it avers. The Ngapali is a great April opportunity and you can look forward to sunshine and clear day.

It is a really funny time to come to Myanmar with festivities (friendly battles ) taking place all over the state. It' May is very warm all over Myanmar. Monthly intake is relatively arid, but the wet seasons usually begin in mid-May. Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan are extremly warm and moist in May, with day temperature around 40°C, although the temperature decreases towards mid/end of the months with the beginning of the rainfall.

The first half of May can be a great time to explore Myanmar if the intense temperatures don't bother you, and there is the added benefit that the beloved resorts, such as Bagan Temple, are much less overcrowded. If the rain starts in Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan, you will notice that there are rather brief, violent rain showers in the afternoons, but the rainfall helps to crack the moisture.

Weather at Inle Lake stays hot and sunshiny in May, with mean temperature of 27°C, although it can be cool at nigh. It rains less here than in other parts of the countryside, making May a good time to be there. It is the beginning of the wet season in Myanmar, but it is still a good months to go to certain parts of the land and you can count on lots of rain and clear sky between the brief hard rainfall.

In June Yangon is colder than the preceding month, with daily mean temperature of 35°C. The Mandalay and Bagan stay quite warm and moist, while Inle Lake is slightly colder. If you visit Myanmar in June, we suggest you wrap an overcoat, parasol, sun hat and sun cream.

Because of the strong rains and the strong wind, the seaside resort on the Bengal coastline is shut down in June and will stay shut until October. In July the wet seasons continue and it is expected to be raining all over the state. The temperature remains high throughout the whole nation - usually between 27-30°C.

Mandalay, Bagan and Inle Lake are prone to brief, intense rainfall in the afternoon and early evening, and between chills you can count on the sun and sun. When you visit Myanmar in July, we suggest you wrap an overcoat, parasol, sun hat and sun cream.

It is not the best time to come to Myanmar and if you decide to come this months, you should be expecting almost daily torrential rains. Mandalay, Bagan and Inle Lake have the least precipitation, and when it rains it is usually brief, violent shiver.

The temperature and the air moisture are still high, which makes the tour unpleasant. Bathing areas are now shut down and the strong rains make it difficult to go to many countryside areas. The September is hot and humid, although the rains decrease later in the months. The temperature stays high in the 1920s and early 1930s.

When you visit Myanmar at this time of year, you will find that there are far fewer visitors in the major cities, but please remember that driving through much of the land is still inconceivable. Lidoes are not open in September. Weather is expected to be arid throughout the entire nation and temperature is expected to continue in the high 1920s and early 1930s.

The October is a good time to come to Myanmar as you will be avoiding the masses and the landscape is luxuriant and verdant after the rains. Temperate temperature (between 25-30°C) throughout the whole region, very little precipitation and lots of sunlight make this a favourite destination for a trip to Myanmar. The highland and the eastern spurs are the warmest with maximum mean temperature of 25°C and the need for hot clothes, especially at nigh.

The November is a great time of the year to explore the Ngapali Bay on the Bengal Sea. The Shwezigon Pagoda Festival usually takes place in October or November and marked the end of the rainy monsoons in the Bagan plain. It is an interesting time to be in Bagan, with festivities that last the whole weeks until the full moon day of Tazaungmone - the eighth of Burma calendars.

In December you can look forward to great weather throughout Myanmar. Precipitation is unlikely and although it is one of the coldest seasons, especially in the uplands and the spurs, the temperature can still reach 31°C on mean maximum in large parts of the state. A 2-weeks Myanmar exploratory trip. This is your extensive Burma trip with all the important sights.

This is the ideal route for those who want to explore the Myanmar peaks at a relaxing speed and spend the night in luxurious accommodations. Lake is a high point of our Myanmar Routes and with so much to see we have chosen our top 5 attractions for you. Here is our guideline for sustainable travelling in Myanmar (Burma).

When you are planing a vacation in Myanmar, our tour guides will help you choose where and when to go and what to do.

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