Best Time to go to Burma

Burma's best time to travel

You can read our definitive guide to find out when is the best time to travel to Laos and Myanmar (Burma) Myanmar has a tropical climate and the local traditions mean many festivals. Autumn is the best time to visit Myanmar. Do you know the best time of the year for cycling tours and bicycle tours. Myanmar would be serving one of the best cuisines in the world.

Weather in Myanmar, Climate with weather forecast, Best travel season for Burma

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June Myanmar weathers - The best season to come to Myanamr-Burma

Throughout Myanmar, June is an important transition period. Summers begin to pale and make way for the advent of monsoons throughout the state. Colder weather begins to come (especially towards the end of the month) and rainfall becomes more frequent. Whereas the temperature in the middle of the 1930s still fluctuates in the middle of the middle planes, the remainder of the land is around 30° C. The temperature in the middle of the 1930s is very low.

This can be an excellent months for those who have nothing against insecurity, as the number of tourists is low and the changes in the climate bring with them a much needed cold front across the state. As a rule, even when it is raining, the rainfall lasts only a brief interval, so that it does not present an obstacle to travel.

If you are going on a holiday on the beaches, you should make the excursions in the direction of the first 2 week of the land, as many seaside towns are closing until mid-June in expectation of the coming weathers.

Plan your Burma journey - When is the best season to go?

This is a common asked questions, but not easy to answer, and at the danger of making an odd barrier, we would say that every year has its advantages and disadvantages. By and large, Burma's weather is divided into three seasons: wet, arid, cool and arid, although there are many exemptions in such a large and diverse state.

This is the first from April, May to September, October, when the south-west Indian Ocean Moon affects the land, with the dryest area being the main rainy areas and the wetest the Bay of Bengal. Now, don't think of continuous rains - it is more a case of brief, heavy rains and often a gale can disappear as quickly as it has reached and you will return to the sky.

However, a big benefit of traveling at this season is that most overseas travelers will be deterred by the rains by mistake and there will be far fewer people obstructing your view or occupying your room (a not inconsiderable consideration), and photographically you will get much cleaner skies when the wind blows over, as the rains remove dirt and mist and enhance the cityscape.

Also, a few more interesting and dramatically scenery will be created around us than the clear, but somewhat washed-out, flat sky of the drought. Second, the arid, cold months between November and the end of January, February is the most favorite holiday seasons of the year for visitors, as the temperature is much lower and there are much fewer chances of shower.

However, keep in mindful that this is a high seasons high seasons resort and airfare and the site may be very high in terms of accessibility and popularity. After all, the arid, warm period from the second half of February to the end of April at the beginning of May has more disadvantages than benefits, but there are still some benefits when traveling in the low seasons, e.g. there are very few other overseas travellers and many tourists, travel agencies and airline companies also provide rebates.

The Burmese New Year festivities, which take place in mid-April, are also a funny season. Please be aware that the temperature in highland areas such as the Shan Plateau remains mild, although the "dry zone" around Bagan can become violent at this season. For the photographer who is used to early start and later finish, the hot weather may be less problematic anyway.

Apr is the warmest and September is often the humidest and December the coldest. Decembre together with the end of November and the beginning of January will be the busyest and most expansive seasons, while May, June and September are generally the calmest and least expansive.

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