Best Time to go to Burma

Burma's best time to travel

If it' s hot, rainy or party time, find out the best time to go to Myanmar. Myanmar's most popular time to visit is November to mid-February, when temperatures are warm (but not hot) and the likelihood of rain is very low. Gain an overview of the seasons and the best time to travel as well as a free e-book! It is a nation on the threshold of great change, and there has never been a better time to go than now. When planning a trip to Myanmar, you can think about the best time to travel, overall or in any region.

When is the best time to go to Myanmar?

Burma has a subtropical atmosphere and the traditional Myanmar culture is full of festivities. For the best time to travel to Myanmar when it's warm, rainy or it' night time, continue reading. Nov-Feb is the most crowded time for Myanmar to be visited by visitors - it is when the land is coldest and rains least.

As of March, however, there is a steady rise in temp until the wet seasons of May or June - although the climate in Southeast Asia has changed unexpectedly and it is difficult to say when the wet seasons will actually begin. This is one of the dryest month with practically no precipitation and an avarage of 25°C ( (up to 32°C) and about 60% hum.

Jánuary festivals, activities and holidays: January 4 is Independence Day, a bank feast. It is the wettest months, the mean temperatures are 27°C ( (up to 34°C) and the air moisture is 65%. Festivals, activities and festivities in February: It is the centenary of the treaty that has standardized Burma and as such is a celebration.

Expecting you and the mean of 29 degree (up to 36 degrees) temperatures, don't anticipate rains, but almost 70% air humid. The March 2nd is Ne Win's day, marking the year of the putsch that brought him to reign. These are all holiday dates.

Averages daytime temperatures are around 30°C ( (up to 37°C) with a few rainingdays. The air moisture is approx. 65%. Festivals, shows and holidays in April: Transportation is very restricted during this time, of course you can''t wait for anything else but the festivities.

The May is usually the beginning of the wet period and as such it can be assumed that it is cloudy and raining on less than half of the day of the year. The air is over 70% humid and the temperature averages 30°C. Celebrations, festivities and holidays: May Day is the day of work, which is a bank vacation.

Kason's full moon, which is the year of Buddha's birthday, illumination and deaths, also takes place in May and is also a feast day. The month of June is one of the three rainy ones and for this you can count on rainy weather on most workdays. The air is 85% humid and the temperature averages 27°C.

The month of July is very humid and cloudy, one of the three rainy seasons, on most dates you can count on it. The air is 85% humid and the temperature averages 27°C. Festivals in July, special occasions and holidays: The Buddhist Lent begins at this time and is held with a celebration of candles. These are both bank and holiday dates.

The most humid months are August, which will be rainy and cloudy on most dates. The air is 85% humid and the temperature averages 27°C. Septembre as May is a sunny months between the rainy and arid season, but the rains are still cloudy. People can still count on it raining for more than half the day of the year.

The air is 85% humid and the ambient air is 27°C. In October there is relatively little rain, the air moisture sinks just under 80% and the day is sunny. It is less cloudy and the mean daytime is 27°C ((up to 31°C). Festivals, activities and public and private festivities in October:

It is held on three nights, the nights before, after and after the full moons. It is a nice time to visit some of the city' s old houses at light. In November very little rains fall, the medium temperatures stay at 27°C ( (up to 32°C) and the air moisture decreases by almost 70%.

Nov. Festivals, shows and holidays: Visit the Shwedagon Pagoda for the best screens. 27 November is known as the national day and it is the year of the students' strikes, which is now celebrated with a day of celebration. Temperatures drop to an avarage of 25°C (? 31°C), very little precipitation and a relative air moisture of 65%.

Festivals, activities and holidays in December: December 25 and the Nativity of Christ in the Christian calender. Christmas is also a feast day.

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