Best Time to go to Bagan

The best time to travel for Bagan

Months to avoid are March to May when Bagan is scorchingly hot and June to October when you are most likely to get wet. The ideal time is November to February, as the temperatures become much more pleasant. Myanmar - Asia's largest concentration of ancient architecture and art. Where to stay overnight in Bagan / Nyaung U. When to go to Bagan.

Mar-May Bagan is sizzling; now avoid a visit, or you will melt.

Will February be a good time to see Bagan in Myanmar?

Much better than April and May. It is a good time to come to Bagan in February, but it starts to get much warmer from the beginning of the year, and in February it can be very arid and dust. But if it's any comfort, there are fewer visitors in the area, and there are also some smaller celebrations this months with religious masses in some of the nearby couples.

It is the lower part of the stream, so it is a long way across the sands to the Ayeyarwaddy stream, and the trip up to Mandalay is quite sluggish. Yes, but you should come and see us in April, because there is a big aquatic event.

Weather and climate. 7 month to be avoided!

Is it the best time to go to Myanmar? When'?s the best time to go to Bagan? When'?s the best time to go to Bagan? Click on the appropriate line below for full information on the state of the earth and the meteorological conditions in Bagan in a given month: There is a very good atmosphere between 1anuary and 2 Feb.

There is a 40°C monthly peak and it is raining about 1mm in Feb. The weather is good in May. Temperatures rise to 39°C and it is raining about 3% of the time in May. The weather is fine between the months of Apr. and Oc. Temperatures rise to 33°C and it is raining about 74% of the time in Oct.

Below are the following seaasonal standards for the town of Bagan: min. and max. ambient and max. rainfall for each and every year. The bagan will appear at the bottom of the card with a green symbol.

Other Myanmar towns or places appear on the chart with a gray symbol. For information about the weather, click here.

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