Best Time of year to Visit Myanmar

The best time to visit Myanmar

The use of light cotton and bed linen is recommended all year round. Visiting Burma is best between December and March: it is not raining and it is not getting too hot around this time of year. Burma has a lot to offer in all seasons. Have a look at the best time to visit Myanmar that suits your travel plans. There is always a good time to visit Myanmar at any time of the year, with very few exceptions.

Best times to come to Myanmar

November-February is the best month to come to Burma: the sun can be overpowering between March and May, and in the wet months, from May to October, it can be hard and uncomfortable to come to the city. It is best to come to Burma between December and March: it is not raining and it is not getting too warm around this hour of the year.

Sud-western monsoons begin between May and June and last until October. Between March and May the temperature is almost intolerable. It is also a good period to spend the summer in the hills, where the weather is much colder. So the best times to discover this exceptional land and its completely amazing places are the winters.

You' re sure Burma is a lovely place, but don't go through the really hottest month. November to March is the best season to explore this exhilarating area. In all other seasons the sun is strong and it is raining a lot. It is the area of the beautiful Lake Inle and the beautiful surrounding mountains.

Go on a boat tour to see the stilts cottages, an adventure that will enchant you before you set off for a hike in the Kalaw area. During your stay you can get to know the healing plants and the localsfolk. A further possibility is to get to know the frontier area and its tribe cultures by exploring Kengtung and its surroundings.

Walk between November and February to prevent the wet and hot summers. Mandalay, the land's historic centre, boasts a countryside of plain and paddy land that you can see before setting off and walking to the Shan Hills. Explore the historic site of Bagan and its 4000 churches, which display Hindu and Buddhist statues and ghosts.

Go on a coach or bike ride and hike one of the days to the top of Mount Popa, the extinguished Myanmar ghosts' nomad. More or less anytime you can go to the centre of the land, as it is a relatively arid area year-round.

Simply do not go through the incredibly warm summers. Western Burma is very different from the Rest of the World. The Arakan is not very open to the public, but it is a nice place and it' s definitely a trip worthwhile. Visiting this part of the land in the arid period to prevent the rains and overheat.

Myanmar's northern part, which is traversed only by a few streets, is the least populated area in Myanmar. The Himalayan Myanmar's renowned icebergs are located in this area. There is a long drive in this part of the countryside, so it is better to drive in the wet so as not to have to await busses and other means of transportation in the rainy weather, which would make the ride hard and inconvenient.

You can also go to the mountain between March and May: this is the only place in the land where the sun is hot at this hour of the year! The winter is the best period to go to the south-east of the country: at all other seasons of the year the temperature suffocates, and if you drive during the wet seasons between May and October, you will not be able to really appreciate your itinerary.

In this area you can see the friars moving in line on the huge, gold-clad rocks of Kyaiktiyo.

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