Best Time of year to Visit Myanmar

The best time to visit Myanmar

We' re flexible, so it's no problem to choose another month. There are three different types of weather in Myanmar, the months of February to May are the hottest and driest time of year. However, for most travellers looking for the most pleasant travel conditions - November to February is the best time to visit. Like the rest of the world, temperatures and weather conditions can vary depending on the season. I' ve often been asked about the best time to visit Myanmar.

The best time to visit Myanmar

The best time to visit Myanmar: Myanmar's natural beauties are incomparable for several reason. Because of a number of sociopolitical complexities, the destination is not at the top of the agenda, but it is becoming increasingly important to travellers around the fare. Now you can discover Myanmar before it becomes too commercial.

Culinary delights, wonderful buddhistic architectural treasures and the mystic beauties of the Bagan Plain. Schedule your journey to Myanmar today - all you need to do is find out when you can visit Myanmar! Myanmar is best visited between December and February when the best season is in Myanmar.

It is the high summer time. It is a good time for those who want to fly on a reasonable price and stay away from the masses. However it can get too much for some people. Octembre and November are great seasons as they will be quite cold after the rain and the plain and mountain will look luxuriant and greenn.

The south-west monsoon will begin between May and September, and there will be deluge-like rainfall in the land, making certain areas unapproachable. Burma is a land unaffected by the outside underworld. Things have calmed down after years of socio-political conflicts and travellers have begun to recognise the country's inherent whims.

It is still an underestimated tourist attraction, so you can experience the beauties of Yangon, Mandalay and more without having to defend yourself against the masses! Myanmar is best visited between December and February, when the climate is arid and the whole land is reachable by road.

Excursion to the wonderful temple or relaxing on the beaches without having to worry about the rains. There' s a good reasons why this is the high seasons to discover the area! This is not the only time of year to visit Myanmar. It is also quite a spectacle between March - April and October - November.

It is the time between the rainy season and the drought. It will rain in March and April, but the temperature will be cooler and more comfortable. From October to November the whole area will be luxuriant and verdant after the rainfalls, and the scenery is completely breathtaking!

Myanmar is almost perfectly clear this year. Between those four seasons there is little to no precipitation, making every part of Myanmar inaccessible. Also, the slopes begin to warm up around this time, so you can spend longer hours of sundown. As this is the high seasons, it is advisable that you make your reservations for your accomodation and journey in time to get the best seats!

Seasonal southern and western coastline shores are ideal - full of sun and completely rain-free. In the Shan state, especially around Lake Inle, the climate begins to heat up, so that you can even go hiking! Many New Year celebrations take place during this time - among them Akha New Year & Kayin New Year in December, Naga New Year in January and Lahu New Year in February.

There are also many festivities in these seasons, such as the Mahamuni Pagoda Feast (Mandalay), the Ananda Pagoda Feast (Bagan) or the singular Mount Popa Nat ceremony (on Mount Popa, an extinguished volcano). Myanmar is getting warm these days - it might be unpleasant for you to explore in the afternoon as it will be too warm.

Due to the arid climate, however, all places in Myanmar are open to the public during this time. The number of visitors will rise towards the middle of April, so it is advisable to make an early booking. Here you can visit Myanmar if you want to dive into culture at all.

Burma's New Year, also known as Thingyan, is held with a nationwide aquatic feast in mid-April. Go to Mandalay, or Kengtung for a funny holiday this year! As the rainy period attracts few people, you can savour Myanmar without much companions. Rainfall can cause traffic disruption, however, so you may not be able to visit all areas of the state.

Mandalay can be quite unpredictably windy during this time, and the shores of Nagapali will be closing in July. The monsoon is a great opportunity for those who want to visit Myanmar. It is the time to visit Myanmar if you are planning a Chindwin river cruise.

In order to watch the luxuriant verdant Myanmar woods, drive to Shan State. The Mandalay stays dried in the first half of the summer if you can spend the whole of July enjoying the Chinlone (Stockball) Fest! The rain wears off in these past few seasons. Nagapali's beach is reopening to the tourist.

It is the best time to visit Myanmar if you don't want to go in high seasons but still want to stay away from the rains. There are some thrilling celebrations in these few month' s - among them the 9000 Light Festival in the Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda, where 9000 Buddha candlelighting takes place in October.

Hsu Taung Pye Pagoda Festival Puppet Players and Matho Thingan Roben Weave (both in November) are one-of-a-kind adventures for you!

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