Best Time of year to go to Burma

Burma's best time of year

If you are considering the best time to visit Myanmar (Burma), remember that there are three main seasons: the hot season from March to May, the wet season from June to September and the cool season from October to February. People in Myanmar love the green season. It is a great time of year to explore the Buddhist temples of Bagan due to the pleasant temperatures. Myanmar has a monsoon climate with three seasons. An ideal time to travel is between November and March, the dry and relatively cool season.

An enigmatic, mystical, spiritual and magic land with a past of colonialism.

Myanmar is a recent tourist destination, but deep in the UK past it is an undaunted destination. Swallow a cocktail with a view of the Yangon Riviera at the Stand Park where UK officials cheered with Rudyard Kipling and Orson Welles. Visiting the Shwedagon Pagoda and observing the town from its hill, it is the holiest sanctuary in Myanmar and the humans are traveling through the land to earn the gold Stupa.

Drive northbound to Mandalay, Inle Lake and the ruined Bagan Dam. Take a plane or rail to Mandalay, and if you have time, the old-fashioned way to Bagan is by boat along the Ayarwaddy rivier. Experience the vastness of Bagan from above with panorama view from a warm aeroplane, or discover some of the thousand churches by horses and carriages.

Discover the less well-known Karen state and the Golden Rock at the rim of a 1100 meter high rock. Myanmar would not be completed without the ancient city of Yangon, the enigmatic lake Inle or the magic place Bagan. Simply Myanmar Classical Myanmar and Golden Myanmar routes contain these historic marvels and our native guide will show you some of the pearls in each.

Shopping at Yangon's Bogyoke Markt, climb into the early hours and watch the sun come up over Bagan from a warm aeroplane, and discover the Pagoda and indigenous fairs of shores of Lake Inle in a personal canoe. Cruise the powerful Ayarwaddy and enjoy the luxurious Myanmar peaks from the great canal. This is your extensive Burma trip with all the important sights.

A 2-weeks Myanmar tour. This is the ideal route for those who want to explore the Myanmar peaks at a relaxing speed and spend the night in luxurious accommodations. MYANEMAR gets very warm in April and May, and the rainy months can sometimes produce uninterrupted rains, so October to March is the best time to come to Myanmar.

As the number of visitors increases every year, the most popular sights during the Christmas and New Year can be visited very well. North of Myanmar, November and February are the best times to come to Myanmar, but wrap a sweater as the weather can be freezing at night. The Savoy Hotel is the ideal place to discover the charms of the "old days".

Stay one at Inle Princess Resort, which offers luxurious lakefront chalets with ensuite terraces for sundown. Compare the old Bagan remains with a new luxurious resort like Bagan Lodge. With a tentlike top of the villas and a touch of unobtrusive luxurious earthen colors, Bagan Lodge is the place to be.

The Aureum Palace Spa and Resort also has a large indoor spa with a view of the Bagan-Temple. The Red Canal is a small fashion house that maintains Burma's tradition of friendliness and atmosphere. Situated on the outskirts of Bagan, the Bagan Thande Hôtel gives its guests the chance to fell in romance with this romantically and historically important town.

The Inle Princess is one of the first of its kind around Inle lake and is a deluxe retreat on a tranquil bay on the east bank of the lakes. The Mandalay Hill is a large, deluxe Mandalay Hill residence in the former Myanmar capitol with views of the Royal Palace. Located just outside the archaeological area of Bagan, Bagan Lodge is a fashion center that wonderfully combines rural and Bolivian architectural styles.

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