Best things to see in Myanmar

The best sights in Myanmar

Myanmar's many towns and villages are best enjoyed on foot. As Myanmar's tourism regulations have only recently eased, Tachileik only has a few things to do that are fun for a quick stopover. The banks and official money changers give you the "real" and best course. Busy in Bagan, tourists will be enchanted by the beauty of many Buddhist temples, stupas and monasteries in this ancient city of Myanmar. Mix old capitals with the U leg bridge.

14-activities in Myanmar

Biking is the best way to get a full feeling for the country. Burma is a country full of stories, architectonic wonders and complicated arts. A sight-seeing trip takes you to some sparkling monasteries, such as the Kyaukhtatgyi and Shwedagon, the Amarapura buildings and the splendid Mount Popa.

The Irrawaddy River is a captivating boat ride. The book gives you an overview of how trading works in these areas, how the fisherfolk earn their livelihood and also how you can see first-hand the essential beauties of Myanmar. Mostly a well-kept mystery, Myanmar has some of the best dive sites in Asia, especially because of its accessibility.

Myanmar Romantism Activities

Search the hotel, guesthouse and one-of-a-kind houses and make your reservations on the world's premier accommodationsites. Myanmar, which has been open to the West since the beginning of the twentieth centuries, is attracting more and more tourists with its gold-plated couples and lavishly adorned churches. People looking for a sunny and sandy holiday on Myanmar's many secluded shores, perfect to escape the contemporary life and relax with a sunbath and a read.

Myanmar's well-rounded route also offers some relaxing leisure pursuits such as sipping a cup of coffee in a cosy tee house, eating a savoury dinner in a familiar restaurant and lingering in a centuries-old buddhistic christen. Burma's in Asia. You can use our Myanmar Travel Scheduler to organize your Myanmar tour and any other destination you like in Myanmar.

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Here is a compilation of Myanmar activity. Bongyi is a classical garment used by men and woman all over Myanmar. Myanmar is the start of the green season (or rainy season for some). A glimpse at Myanmar island resort town, Alaska. All the best things to do in the city, with the best sights, activity and cuisine.

Join these Chin ladies with their Tattoos in Pann Paung Village and spend a whole afternoon enjoying some of the nearby Chin villages to Mrauk U! This is a one-of-a-kind Yangon excursion that takes you through some of Yangon's fine arts galeries with an Myanmar artist. Swim, swab and nourish pensioned wooden elephant at Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp.

Teach Shan Dishes at Mr Min Cooking Class in Inle Lake. This is a great way to enjoy the mornings at Inle Lake!

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