Best things to see in Burma

The best sights in Burma

But the country - located between India and the main bases of Southeast Asia - certainly has its share of great things to see. Stuff you should never wear on an Burma is a country rich in history, culture and tradition. There is a handy list of what you can do in Burma (Myanmar): from the best time to visit, to the best places to explore, to get around.

What to do in Burma:

Burma's classical image is one of gold-plated pegs protruding from the fog and extending into the mists of the mists.

Burma's classical image is one of gold-plated pegs protruding from the fog and extending into the mists of the mists. As soon as you are in Burma, you don't need to go far to take your own similar snapshot. The' Land of the Gold Towers' is full of palagodas, shrines and stupas â conic or burial-like constructions full of relicts, gems and sacrifices for Buddha.

Yangonâs Shwedagon is the most iconical and holy land; the 99m high body contains eight wisps of Gautama â the historic Buddha. Guests from all over Burma are donating golden to complete the mosaic. Take your FJs with you â the waterways are fresh and chilly at noon.

Burmaâ? "s insulation has promoted self-sufficiency â and this has spread far beyond nutrients and kerosene. Here there is a handicraft for everyone â from roll cigars and woven silks to silversmiths and green-goldpresses. Lotuses are one of the more uncommon handicrafts â often from the Kayan wives, many of whom still wearing brassy thimbles.

They are dyed - often with nature colours - and weaved onto hand-made wood weaving machines. The support of the craftsmen is encouraging the continuation of tradition â and providing revenue for municipalities with few alternative options, which means that this is one of the best things to do in Burma.

Things to see in Yangon

Botataung is a renowned Yangon centre pit stop in Myanmar, near the Yangon rivier. This is the most popular Buddha sanctuary in Bahan citieship, Yangon, Yangon region, Myanmar. The Bogyoke Aung San Market is a large bazar in the Pabedan Town Ship in the centre of Yangon, Myanmar. The Shri Kali is a hinduistic sanctuary in the indefinite Little India in the center of Yangon, Burma.

Myanmar's Assembly is the Myanmar Bi-Chamber Legislation created by the 2008 Constitution. The Thuwunna Youth Training Centre Stage ( "Burmese": ?????? ???? ?????????? ??? is a multi-purpose arena in Yangon, Myanmar. The Dagon University in North Dagon, Yangon, is one of the biggest in Myanmar.

The Insein Prison is in Yangon Division, near Yangon, the ancient capitol of Myanmar.

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