Best things to do in Myanmar

The best activities in Myanmar

The five most important activities in Myanmar. " This is Burma," wrote Rudyard Kipling. Acrobatic fisherman with a skittles net at Lake Inle. There is no overwhelming pace of change, leaving intact the simple pleasures of traveling in Myanmar. in Southeast Asia - but certainly has its share of great things to see.

The' Land of the Gold Towers' is full of palagodas, shrines and stupas â conic or burial-like constructions full of relicts, gems and sacrifices for Buddha.

The' Land of the Gold Towers' is full of palagodas, shrines and stupas â conic or burial-like constructions full of relicts, gems and sacrifices for Buddha. Yangonâs Shwedagon is the most iconical and holy land; the 99m high body contains eight wisps of Gautama â the historic Buddha.

Take your FJs with you â the waterways are fresh and chilly at noon. Burmaâ? "s insulation has promoted self-sufficiency â and this has spread far beyond sustenance and gasoline. Here there is a handicraft for everyone â from roll cigars and woven silks to silversmiths and green-goldpresses. Lotuses are one of the more uncommon handicrafts â often from the Kayan wives, many of whom still wearing brassy thimbles.

They are dyed - often with nature colours - and weaved onto hand-made wood weaving machines. The support of the craftsmen is encouraging the continuation of tradition â and providing revenue for municipalities with few alternative options, which means that this is one of the best things to do in Burma.

The best activities in Myanmar

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Top 10 Activities in Yangon, Myanmar

Yangon is the sparkling gem in the centre of Myanmar, one of the most wonderful places I have ever been to. You will probably need a visas to enter the county, but many travellers can get their visas on-line before arriving in the county, and it is relatively cheap.

What are you still waitin' for with simple planes from many foreign countries to Yangon? These are the ten most important things you can do in Yangon during your stay there: Yangon is one of the most popular tourist sites in the town, and for good reasons. It is indisputably one of the most important places of worship in Yangon - all over Myanmar!

Pagodas can get quite full sometimes, especially at the level of the afternoons. It is better to schedule your journey either sooner or later in the morning (the pit stop is usually open from 4am to 10pm) to prevent the masses of people and the hot weather. Yangon, Myanmar © Shutterstock, Inc.

Yangon, Myanmar © Shutterstock, Inc. Particularly if you don't have the luxury to go far outside Yangon, I suggest you drive to Yangon Central Station and take the sightseeing tour of the town to get a first-hand look at Myanmar outside the citys. I would suggest an early departure if you can, so you know you have a lot of free play but normally it doesn't take more than half a full round.

Round trip by rail © Shutterstock, Inc. Round trip by rail © Shutterstock, Inc. Round trip by rail © Shutterstock, Inc. Situated in the centre of Yangon, this wonderful Yangon city centre parc can be a great place to find some rest, away from the hustle and bustle of Yangon-plus city centre, it has wonderful view of the Shwedagon Pagoda and the large gold kite drawn by unbelievable kites (which you will see on Myanmar beer tins, among other things).

It can be lovely at any hour of the morning, but if it's a lovely night, you'll definitely want to be there by sundown to see the skies behind the Shwedagon Pagoda. The Kandawgyi Sea and Kandawgyi Nature Park, Yangon, Myanmar © Shutterstock, Inc. The Kandawgyi Sea and Kandawgyi Nature Park, Yangon, Myanmar © Shutterstock, Inc.

A further relict of Britain's imperialist culture in Yangon, this square, formerly known as Scott Mark, is well deserved a stop for its architectural style alone. It can also be a great place to buy jewelry, tapestry, paintings, wood carvings or other handicrafts you are looking for in Myanmar. When you are looking for the genuine taste of the area, you are better off in one of the other marketplaces like the Thiri Mingalar where you will find products, cuisine and more - but I still enjoy my stay in Bogyoke Aung San.

As a rule, the goods in conventional stores are better in the mornings than in the afternoon and evening - but this is not the case with the mostly artisan-oriented Bogyoke Aung San Marke. Actually any amount of work well the whole days, though before making supper schedules you will notice that the marked shuts down relatively early, around 5pm. Alley in Yangon in front of Bogyoke Square © Shutterstock, Inc.

The Bogyoke Aung San Market © Shutterstock, Inc. Sule Boulevard with the Bogyoke Market © Shutterstock, Inc. Though not nearly as impressing as the Shwedagon pit, this pit stop is also interesting to see, especially as it is visited by more people from the area. If you are planning a trip or not, you will probably end up near the Sule Pagoda: believe it or not, the Mt. is located in the centre of Yangon at a roundabout, and you will find that many of the main streets in the area go to it.

Other than Shwedagon you can really come at any hour of the morning and find a good amount of action - but not too much. Daytime from above © Shutterstock, Inc. Air photo of the sightseeing station in Yangon, Myanmar © Shutterstock, Inc. The best way to get your bearings in a new town is a hike led by local people - and although Yangon's roads are relatively gridded, I still found it useful to take a trip.

Yangon Heritage Trust provides low-cost trips and I commend them - both for the amount of information you get from their trips and for the low rates and the different them. The Yangon Heritage Trust website allows you to check and advance booking of available travel itineraries.

Walk through the city centre © Shutterstock, Inc. Discover the city centre © Shutterstock, Inc. First thing I had in Myanmar was the beloved morning meal, from a small street stand, when I was wandering through Yangon with some folks I saw in my shelter. I have found it again and again in the course of my stay in Myanmar.

It is a basic diet (usually consumed for breakfasts, but now available at all times of the day), and everyone makes it a little different - but the basis is pasta and sauces. Yangon Road Dinner © Shutterstock, Inc. Yangon Road Dinner © Shutterstock, Inc. Would you like to feel a little chic during your journey to Yangon?

In person, I suggest you try some of Myanmar's typical lager beer, but you will find enough on the meal to satisfy your throat. The night is a great night for a trip - you can have a cocktail while watching the crowd around you. However, the afternoons can also be a good period for a visit: less overcrowded and an opportunity to get away from the harsh sundown!

While it may seem counterintuitive to go to Chinatown when you come to Myanmar to see Burma civilization, I find it intriguing to go to different Chinatown locations around the globe and make comparisons. However, eating in Chinatown - whether it's grilled kebabs on the edge of the road or whatever else you like - can be a pleasant diversion if you've been eating too much of Burma lately!

Chinatown is still relatively bustling during the day, but at nights it really comes to life - especially if you want to get a snack from the grocers there. Chinatown Yangon Road Fair © Shutterstock, Inc. Dinner in Chinatown, Yangon, Myanmar © Shutterstock, Inc. Planning your journey beyond Yangon!

When you have a little bit of spare minute, I suggest you leave Yangon and see what else this is like. A simple journey would be to the Bagan sanctuaries - usually you can find a overnight coach to the sanctuaries, explore for a few nights and get back to Yangon within a few short nights.

Or, drive to the other town of Myanmar, Mandalay. Myanmar's wet period runs from May to September - although you normally only have one or two hours of rains during the course of the days, which is easily avoided when you are in the towns. However, if you are going on a hike or other outdoor activity, it may be best to allow for the dry time!

There are many ways to get your bus bookings - but I have found that JJ's Express busses were among the most convenient during my stay in Myanmar. Bagan, Myanmar © Shutterstock, Inc. Sea of Inle, Myanmar © Shutterstock, Inc. Panorama of Mandalay © Shutterstock, Inc. Yangon and the remainder of Myanmar during my stay there.

Which were your favourite parts of Yangon?

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