Best things to buy in Myanmar

The best shopping in Myanmar

Don't be surprised if you find cheap jade, rubies and other gems in Myanmar, because the country itself is a great miner of gems. Wind Bell - Important souvenir to buy in Myanmar. Souvenirs - Souvenirs to buy in Myanmar for your lovers. Sandpinting - Burmese souvenir with multiple choice. You will find below our guide to the best souvenirs you can buy in Myanmar.

Things to buy in Myanmar - Myanmar Shopping Guide

With Myanmar Travels you can see holy and gilt coupons and savour the indigenous cultures, arts and cuisines. Your real trip will also bring you many wonderful moments in every tourist resort that has the specialities that will make you remember the times in this mysterious world. A mystical Tibetan land with untouched countryside and golden palagodas, Myanmar ensures your journey with invigorating adventures and distinctive memorabilia.

When you ask what kind of souvenir you can buy in Myanmar, get the following. Windbells are on sale in almost all places, especially in the Pagoda and Temple. There are expressive icons on the surfaces of the church clocks that illustrate the historic sights and astrological features of the area. The purchase of Burma's Windgames is so much loved by foreigners.

If you go to the jewellery stands, get your favourites and buy them. Think about it, you get what you are paying for in Myanmar because the nice things are on sale at reasonable rates. A number of Burma's people' s chains and armbands can keep your eye on. Yangon Yade - things you can buy as a gift!

Or you can even go to the locals' garages when you take a cruise around Lake Inle. As a rule, the artist performs in front of the eyes of the visitor, and you can see how they make the shades of papers and have them painted with the nice motifs. Photographing with Burma's parasols is an interesting adventure.

It is the best place to find the best icons of the area. There are several stands around the impressive Bagan temple and pagoda that offer the unique art of sandy art with its expressive paintings. You will be welcomed at their stands by the kind locals who will be happy to offer you their works of art at affordable rates, for example the sale of some thousand Cyats.

Marionettes have been used in Myanmar for hundreds of years. In the National Museum of Myanmar in Yangon, visitors can see puppeteering with the designs of the princes, princesses, ponies, etc. As a symbol for the kingly character, the doll objects look realistic, colourful and captivating enough to keep your shopping going.

Myanmar cigars are known for their hot and aromatic tast. They can try a home-made smoke and see how the native ladies make it. What makes this Myanmar food unique is that it is made and packaged with our own raw material. Cigars cost about 100 kyat.

Many Buddha pictures can be found in many of the Buddha stores in a land where Buddhism is the main denomination. Buddha sculptures are so expert and refined that they will persuade you of their painstaking and delicacy. No better place to buy the holy and pretty Buddha pictures than Myanmar - the Golden Land of Buddhism.

The Longyi (a rock in the Sarongstyle, which is carried by both men and woman from Burma) is the tradition in Myanmar. Whereas men usually use the darkly coloured Longyi, men usually use colourful dresses and select the most attractive for their outings. Myanmar, like any other country in Southeast Asia, is the cheapest place to shop.

Negotiations are, however, superfluous when you shop in the luxurious supermarkets and supermarkets. When you shop on the street and in the market, the dealers often offer their goods at higher price, especially to foreigners. Use precautions to prevent the purchase of counterfeit goods. Some Myanmar companies' technologies and skills have not achieved the level of imitating the genuine signature brand name.

However there is a likelihood that you can buy the counterfeit articles at the high price. Especially if you receive the gemstones and antiquities in Myanmar, you should come to the certified stores and keep the warranty papers and receipts. Please be aware that it is not permitted to release antiquities from Burma, so if you buy something similar to antiquities, ask the Myanmar salespeople to provide a certificate that proves that it is not the antic.

You' ll know the most important things you can buy on a Myanmar trip and the purchasing advice you can get at any Golden Land store, stand or mall. Take a holiday of happiness by visiting the gold-plated and holy parrots, dining the traditional meals, learn the civilization and buy symbols like bells, longyi, jewellery, Buddha pictures, sandpaper paintings, umbrellas and more.... with Myanmar Shoppingguide.

Over the years, the icons will be a reminder of the wonderful times you spent in Myanmar as a tourist and may inspire you to resume your next Indochina trip to that state.

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