Best things to buy in Myanmar

The best shopping in Myanmar

However, Myanmar is not trying to dress up as a souvenir shop, and it definitely takes some expert knowledge to know what is best to buy. These are the top things not to miss in Yangon, Myanmar. Take some land home with the best souvenirs from Myanmar. For some good souvenirs from Myanmar, check out our list of What to Buy in Myanmar. A number of things can be bought as gifts when travelling in Myanmar.

Burma Shopping - Where to shop and what to buy in Myanmar

Whilst duty-free boutiques, hypermarkets, supermarkets and mini-markets in Yangon provide a large selection of overseas and locally available goods at set retail costs, the true charm of buying is to be found especially in the well-known Bogyoke Aung San Market, where it' s enjoyable and simple to shop; and negotiations are reasonable.

Located in the centre of Yangon, with 2,000 stores and a large choice of local products, luxurious purchases such as fine jewelry and gemstones, silver goods, handicrafts, lacquered goods, painting, handcrafted wood puppets, Mandalay silks, Shan and Kachin shawls, food, cosmetic and custom-made clothing are some of the coveted articles.

Bogyoke Aung San Markets are open every day from 9.30 am. Buying a variety of local products can be an adventure. Burma has a long history of making fine objects.

All about Myanmar - Places to shop in Myanmar - Travel Guide

These are the proposed items for those who plan a journey to Myanmar. Bogyoke Aung San Fair in Yangon, where the gems are for sale to the tourist. Burma has many gemstonemines ( (mainly Java, Ruby and Sapphire), Myanmar gemstoneware is always much valued on the globalĀ marketplace.

When you are looking for the prestige place to buy gems, don't miss the Bogyoke Aung San Fair in Yangon. Myanmar entered this growth markets in 1994-1995, when it began operating abroad. Once you enter the square, the crowds will be amazed by the many gems on sale in the shops.

Gem in this supermarket covers a variety of species from a few dollars up to tens of dollars. The Bogyoke Aung San Markt is one of the most prestigious places with many shops under license. Longyi, Paso are folk costumes from Myanmar. The Longyi (for women) and Paso (for men) is the folk of Myanmar's folk attire.

And, intriguingly, if necessary, this old-fashioned suit is raised into a coat of rain, a robust female cap to hold freight (fruit, food) without a little hand. Varnish paintings are also etched and coloured on dishes, mugs, jars and other objects. Bagan, the old city of Myanmar, is known for its thousand of old spires, shrines and cloisters.

Besides paintings on canvas or woodcarving, varnish paintings are also etched and decorated on dishes, mugs, jars and other objects. At Myinkaba you can buy a paint finish in the town. On the other hand, before purchasing, visitors should ask for prices and bargains and be sure not to buy the forgeries.

Every sample on a Myanmar wall hanging is carefully made. Carpets have a long history in Myanmar. Made with meticulous attention to detail, the gobelin is adorned with golden, sterling and glittering paillettes. Paintings on the wall carpet often show the classical Buddhaist tales or other unusual Burmese Buddhism items such as mythical beasts, Hintha, Kalong and so on.

Today's tapestries are disappearing instead of the touristic ones in Mandalay and Yangon. Sandpinting is always a nice gift that every visitor would like to have. Usually, many Bagan or Yangon art dealers show nice pictures that reflect the Myanmar culture and myanmar population.

Sandpinting has its origins in the long past in the Myanmar area. Once the members of the King were interested in the picture, they will pay the craftsmen. Today Bagan sands are used for various categories, especially for westerly people. At Bagan, the tourist can see the artist who created many paintings: the tranquil antique churches, the big boys begging for food in the early sun, the everyday lives of the locals or the iconical guide of the democrat Aung San Suu Kyi.

In addition to all the above objects, the windgames, parasols and Buddha sculptures are some of the memorabilia the tourist would like to buy when they visit Myanmar.

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