Best Restaurants in Myanmar

Myanmar's best restaurants

Explore the best restaurants in Myanmar (Burma), including Shwe Sa Bwe, Rangoon Tea House, Sanon. What are the best restaurants in Myanmar? For those who present the local cuisine, have a good restaurant ambience and are inexpensive, this is the place to feel good. The Sanon Training Restaurant and its education program for disadvantaged youth in Myanmar. Link Age Training Restaurant & Arts, Yangon, Myanmar.

Myanmar's top restaurants - Hand-picked restaurants

What are the best restaurants in Myanmar? For those who present the regional kitchen, have a good ambience and are inexpensive, this is the place to feel good. If you travel to an awe-inspiring country, a good place to eat doesn't always have to be a funky one, it has to be a place that gets the most out of the area.

While Myanmar is not as well known for its cuisines as its neighbours Thailand and India, Myanmar is also a good place to live the traditional Myanmar lifestyle. With more than 50 different ethnical groups in the land, each with its own interpretations of what is truly tasty, Burma is certainly something you should not discard if you really want to know about the population.

As Myanmar's largest town and major harbour, Yangon has a wide range of restaurants, from road sellers to high-end restaurants. The most famous restaurants are easy to find when strolling through the narrow alleys of Downtown Yangon, especially 19 St., where you will find Chinatown and Mahabandoola Road.

Sule Pagoda was once the centre of the town, which is also home to many good restaurants. Whatever your taste, Yangon has it on sale. The Padonmar Restaurant, renowned for its wholesome cuisine, offers genuine Myanmar cuisine with easy use of olive oils and salts.

Away from the turbulence of Yangon city centre, the gardens are also a plus point for a delicious cuisine. Situated in the municipality of Lanmadaw, this place is close to the National Musuem and offers a good adventure after a trip to the Musuem. The main ingredient on the meal are Shan foods, which are light in flavour and more focused on freeing the flavours of the raw materials themselves.

As the name suggests, Le Planteur offers a selection of cuisine from France and Europe as well as some Asiatic cuisine. An excellent winecard is a bonuses for a unique evening meal in Yangon. See our Yangon Top Restaurants section for more details: Yangon's top restaurants. There are not as many restaurants as Yangon, and most are spread all over the town.

Since the town is situated where Lower Burma and Northern Burma come together, eating in Mandalay gives you the chance to try something else. A trip beyond Mandalay sometimes means that you have to "indulge" in some of the delicacies of the area, even if you are longing for a cheeseburger. With good Myanmar cuisine, Mingalabar would be a great meal for the days of your Mandalay Sightseeing.

The restaurant is situated near the castle and the meals are served in good proportions, including side orders and sweets. Situated in a two-story timber edifice inside the Red Canal Hotel, Spice Garden was created as an introductory piece to India's cuisine, enhanced with Myanmar inspirations. Surely a winning-winning choice if you want to spoil your taste buds with West cuisine.

With its cosy atmosphere, this typical taverna style place invites you as much as the long menu of occidental dishes such as escalopes, burger, steak, stewed fruit and a large selection of wines. Would you like to learn more about the dining opportunities in Mandalay? Have a look at our top restaurants in Mandalay. Bagan also seems to be an important goal in the Mandalay region, often the main cause why humans go to Myanmar at all.

As well as the Fata Morgana-like world of pagodas, Bagan is also a good place to find imaginative cuisines, both west and south. For the longest number of restaurants, Nyaung U is the capital of Bagan, followed by Old Bagan and the youngest village, New Bagan. As a member of the NGO Tree ALLIANCE, Sanon eats for a good cause.

Sanon offers education and work possibilities for native youth and is a particular delicacy on your journey to Bagan. Bagan Zay is proud to present himself as a contemporary, imaginative Burmese and is an absolute pleasure when you are in the spirit of something else. Tip and fancy, first glimpses of Bagan Zay attract you.

You will be treated to delicious and delicious meals and favourite beverages prepared with locally produced rums. This cosy backyard place, which belongs to a Frenchman and is run by Kyaw, his Myanmar woman, offers travellers who are willing to "waste" space in a secluded alleyway of New Bagan. There is an internationally served meal with some of Burma's best cuisine.

More information about the food in Bagan can be found under Top Restaurants in Bagan. Situated in the highland and encircled by hills, Inle Lake was a holiday retreat during the UK reign and is still a holiday spot of good accommodation. While most restaurants on the shores of the lakeside concentrate on Shan cooking, you can also find some internationally renowned alternative restaurants.

Most of the resort and resort areas and restaurants are located around the lake. Looking at the swimming restaurants is a plus, in additon to the biological, homemade food. It is a good way to dine outside your own accommodation. Made by Italians, the cooks emphasize the genuine flavour of pastas and Moroccan Cuisines.

It has three locations, one in Nyuang Shwe, one in Indein and one in a swimming home near the Phaungdaw Oo Pagoda. If you are on a sight-seeing cruise or on your own, one of these restaurants is attainable. Besides the well-prepared meals, the main attractions of this place are the wonderful views of the lakes.

From here you can observe the lively flow of the rivers and see stilts in the faraway. Meal is Myanmar; seafood and roasted tomato are recommend. Faithful to its name, Green Chilli concentrates on Asiatic and above all aromatic dishes.

Situated on the way from the Aiport to the lakeside, the hotel is a good place to start your sojourn. You can find more information about restaurants at Inle Lake in our article: First-class restaurants on the shores of the Inle. CNN nominates Ngapali Beach as one of Asia's top 25 resorts and is certainly an excellent place to stop after a long journey at the high temperature in Myanmar.

Therefore, each hotel and restaurant runs its business for only a few month and no efforts are shy to offer the best possible servic. Shellfish are the predominant topic in all restaurants. PLEASAMAN VIEW ISLET restaurant provides an exquisite, scenic and upscale gastronomic event with its excellent position on a cliff in a fishermen's town.

The name of the Bayview Beach Resort restaurants is Çatch. However, most mealtimes are usually eaten at the sunny bars, especially dinner, where a wonderful sea front is accompanied by warm cuisine. A west-spirited meal with a large selection of wines and coctails.

Small and modest, Ngapali Kitchen is a small kitchen on the Hauptstraße. Beside shellfish his speciality is the typical Burmesian cuisine. In spite of its small size, the dinner table for 2 and 4 persons are well separate so that everyone is well. You can find more restaurants at Ngapali Beach in our Top Restaurants at Ngapali Beach.

Remember, before you go on a journey to Myanmar, the land is still on the way to becoming a world-class recreational area. Mutual appreciation and appreciation are greatly valued at every point of your Myanmar journey, especially when eating in Myanmar. We do our best for your specific requirements, such as purely vegetarian, gluten-free or halogen.

Every detail of your Myanmar voyage should and can be done in your own way, not just on the meal front. Speak to our tour guide and design your journey to measure now! Myanmar is available for tailor-made trips. The tour starts or ends in Yangon or Mandalay and lasts about 9 nights; visit Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake.

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