Best Restaurants in Mandalay

The best restaurants in Mandalay

The structure of the restaurants in Mandalay is also very different, as it combines the Shan architecture with the colonial style. Which are the best restaurants in Mandalay, Myanmar? The best European restaurants in Mandalay, Mandalay region: The world-famous Japanese cuisine has a surprising Korean-American touch. You will find us in the bay of Mandalay!


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Mandalay's top restaurants - Selected local restaurants

Which are the best restaurants in Mandalay, Myanmar? In Mandalay most travellers stop for at least two nights and it is possible to enjoy good meals in the non-tourist restaurants. Mandalay is not a gastronomic target for geographic considerations. In contrast to Inle Lake in Shan State, which is selling itself as the source of Shan foods, and Ngapali Beach, which produces an endless sea fruit festival, Mandalay's restaurant landscape somehow has no distinctive mark.

But let's not forgetting that this is Myanmar's second biggest town and a new stream of restaurants will soon transform the area. The Mandalay is the gate to Obermyanmar and includes the greater Mandalay area (modern Mandalay, together with the Sagaing and Magway regions), Kachin and Shan.

Out of town, small but tidy restaurants offer relaxed stops on your journey to Amarapura or Sagaing. Enjoy a meal in one of the many restaurants. This town has its own specialities: Made with Mandalay Meeshay, a traditional pasta broth with meatsauce and pickled potatoes; roasted chapatis, flat bread with vegetable filling and beanpaste; samosalad, with fresh spices, peppermint, green chilli, onion and lemon.

Mandalay Beer is a good option for the quencher. Mingalabar means "hello" in Burmese and provides an enjoyable meal during your Mandalay sightseeing itinerary. It is located in a two-storeyed, teak-wood house to the west of the Royal Palace. Large servings are also available. One of the major courses, curried Chicken, for example, always comes with another 4 to 6 free side orders.

Samosas and poultry curry" is the absolute favourite, with a vegetable dish and dark-brown rice. Chickpeas with juicy meats in a generous but smooth gravy. The Red Canal Hotel's Spice Gardens are proud to be the best in Mandalay. The views into the luxuriant gardens, the illuminated eating area and the effective services bring additional points.

Indoors or outdoors, it can be a good place, not only for the meal, but also for the ambience. Whereas India's cuisine is often described as flavorful and fatty, Spice Garden is adapting new cooking methods to make it more attractive. Fresh roti (homemade bread ) goes very well with homemade India bread; fried turkey is crunchy on the outside and succulent on the inside; birthday cookies, a traditional Indian-inspired ricecourse with ram or hen and vegetable, is a good starter, followed by a good glass of Myanmar toast.

This cosy taverna bishop in Mandalay's city centre is on the expatriate's meeting point lists. He is a local executive in Switzerland, and in the field of groceries he is mainly from Europe. It is famous for good coffees and homemade gingerbread. The price is higher than in Myanmar, but as high as in Europe and every cent for the excellent services.

Donald Duk, who stands in front of the place, may suggest that it is a junk store, but the fact is that this place has been a popular place for Burmese middle-class people for years. The meal is presented on a typically traditional round dining plate. Home-made speciality, roasted canard, is usually accompanied by half a canard, unless otherwise indicated.

Kung Pow Chicken, Knödel and other traditional local dishes are also available. A disadvantage is that the restaurants do not have a large selection of beverages and deserts. Luckily, its position as the main tourist destination does not harm its gastronomy and service.

Also known as Mandalay cuisine. The meal is presented in varnish cups. The meal is a blend of Myanmar and Thai, includes stewed seafood and poultry cures. In Mingun, a secluded jewel, the Gardens Cafe is situated in a quiet town opposite the famous Mingun Bell. Dinning table tops are covered under umbrellas in the backyard and offer a wide views of the Irrawaddy River.

An extensive meal with the topics "Vom Grill", "Aus dem Garten" and "Von der Bäckerei" provides for every atmosphere. There are always good restaurants in Mandalay. However, if you want to sit on a low seat on the road instead of in a diner to try a cup of Mandalay Meeshay, our expert native guides will know where to take you.

Myanmar is available for tailor-made trips. The tour starts or ends in Yangon or Mandalay and lasts about 9 nights; visit Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake.

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