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Ngapali Beach's best resort

The most booked resorts in Ngapali this month. The Jade Marina Resort and Spa. The Ngapali Bay Villas & Spa is not just any hotel or resort. The Ngapali has some of the best and most beautiful seaside resorts. The Ngapali Beach is not only the most beautiful beach in Myanmar, but also a popular beach in Southeast Asia.

Ngapali Beach Best Beach in Ngapali - Review of Sandoway Resort, Ngapali, Myanmar

Relaxing after my stay in Mandalay and Bagan was really important for my and my whole life, especially as it was sometimes unbearable heat and tough work on the construction work. Later we were collected at the aiport and drove with the coach the small way to the city. and there are agents of the hotels looking for you and managing the baggage.

This was a nice way to get to know Sandoway's large but nice complex. There is a solid promenade along the beach. There is a solid, idyllic swimmingpool situated at one end of the plot with the front desk and central dining area. But in April, when the seasons were almost over and things were getting calmer and calmer, there were deck chairs again and again.... but we noticed that the bottom of the swimming pools needed a good scrubbing brush.

So we remained nearer to the eatery than to the swimming pools, on the side of the pools. For a quieter break, you can remain on the other side of the beach, but you are quite far from the pools. As we were in the swimming pools every day, we were glad to be a little stroll away.

There is a large swimming area in the house next to the swimming pools and a large swimming area. Since the beachfront location of the beachfront resort, we have taken some beautiful beach strolls, but be advised there is far too much garbage on the beach and in the sea for this beach to be valued at 25 by other Trip Advisor tenants in 2016.

I' m a big beach buff and I have never seen so much garbage in my whole lifetime, especially on the tides. Sadly, Burma has little in the way of responsible waste management. In Sandoway, the caretakers keep the beach immaculate, but not outside the hotel's boundaries.

That was a frustration with my whereabouts and not Sandoway's doing it. Anyway, you will be spending most of your free beach and swimming pools. At the beach of our hotels they took us for snorkelling and angling. At last, as much as our visit was quite costly, we will always remember this picturesque place.

Thanks Sandoway for a nice time.

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