Best places to Visit in Yangon

Yangon's best excursion destinations

The location of Yangon on the south coast means that it rains a lot, and the rainy season is not the best time to explore its wealth of outdoor facilities. People, architecture, the most important sights and streets of this fascinating city. A number of fascinating cities and attractions can be reached within one day.

Myanmar 8 good places to be in Yangon, Myanmar

The Sule Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar. She has a particular fondness for the beauty of Myanmar's countryside and culture, with family bonds in Myanmar. Myanmar, as you probably know, has had some trouble, but there is good news: the tourist embargo that has kept many travellers away from the country for over a decade is over.

Myanmar has maintained its authentic culture in many ways, making it an excellent place for the adventure seeker. Myanmar's biggest town' roads are dyed scarlet with walnut and stuffed with horse-drawn coaches and bikes, men in old-fashioned longgyi dresses and females and girls dressed in thanacas.

More than ever, visitors from all over the globe are beginning to see Myanmar for what it is: a truly amazing and one-of-a-kind place. Myanmar is full of pristine scenery, full of authentic culture and welcoming individuals and is remarkably different from its Asian neighbours, and there has been a surge of foreign investments since the administration began to implement reform.

The Yangon is probably your first stop in Myanmar, and it's not a poor one. We recommend to fly into Yangon International Airport (RGN) as there may be some uncertainty about crossing borders on shore and at the seas. In the biggest town in the state with more than five million inhabitants, the business centre does not feel like Bangkok, Hanoi or other South East Asia citys.

Most of the major locations in the Tropic Town extend over a relatively small area and are within walking distance, although cabs are available. There are eight of my favorites here. SWEDAGON Pagoda: Yangon's most important place of worship is Singuttara Hill. The large golden pavilion, which has been constructed and reconstructed several time since the sixth cent. is equally loved by the indigenous Buddhists and visitors.

The Sule Pagode: In the centre of the town, the Sule Pagode is the roundabout in the centre of Yangon. The 46-metre high eight-sided golden coupe is hardly to be overlooked. Inya lake: There is a beautiful hiking trail around the town. The Kandawgyi Lake: Situated to the north-east of the town centre, the sea is best known for the Karaweik, a reproduction of a typical Myanmar kingmarine.

Swedagon Pagoda in the far away. Take a break in the small waterfront restuarant overlooking the sundown. This National Theatre is home to popular and regal dancing performances, as well as the above-mentioned Karaweik at Kandawgyi Lake. Situated in the centre of the town, Chinatown stretches over several blocs.

This is a good place to buy some of Burma's best souvenir items such as woodcarvings and folk costumes. The most important celebration, the Burma New Years Eve River Freshwater Festivals, usually ends in mid-April. For four or five of the Buddhist feast, there are intensive battles of waters that methaphorically erase the sin of the past year.

Below are some good readings to help you find out more about Myanmar: Daniel Mason's Piano Tuner, George Orwell's Burmese Days and Liberty from Fear: And other writings by Aung San Suu Kyi.

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