Best places to Visit in Burma

The best destinations in Burma

Top recommendations for Burma. Myanmar High Points - The best sights For many years, this part of Southeast Asia, known as Burma, has been taboo for most tourist due to a army jungle, global penalties and an impervious bureaucrat. However, in the last election Myanmar's democratic system was re-established and the land became more open to overseas visits. It is still a bit off the well-trodden paths for many travellers, so the old churches, the busy market and the amazing landscape await you almost on your own.

We have selected our delights of this one-of-a-kind land. More than 2000 buddhistic shrines in 26 sq. m. of river-lakes. Established in the ninth century, most of the temple dates from 1044-1287, when the town was the capitol of the pagan empire. During the heyday of the empire there were up to 200,000 inhabitants and many more of them.

Rent a bicycle to discover the most interesting monasteries or take a ride on horses and carriages. Pindaya was apparently home to a giant spreader that detained seven shepherdesses. Fortunately, a princely man came to kill the cobra, and the sanctuary at the estuary of the cavern now carries a huge sculpture of the cobra.

Afterwards, the visitor enters a 500 feet long cavern with over 8000 representations of Buddha from 1773 until today. There is no other place where this posture was found, indicating that the caves were once home to a truly original buddhistic worship. Mt Popa is a huge rocky volcano with a buddhistic sermon.

It has been constructed in honor of the" Nats", a kind of ghost unmatched in Burma's Buddhism. Slip the jab of nosy monkey groups and be awarded with stunning vistas of the scenery and temples of the 37 Buddhist nat. Myanmar residents enjoy their meals and Myanmar cooking is a delightful mix of Thai, Chinese and Hindi style with a uniquely indigenous touch.

Typical Burmesian food includes mohinga (rice pasta in mild spiced seafood stock), laptop thoke (salad with ferment leafy greens ) and shan pasta (rice pasta in aromatically flavorful bouillon with meats and vegetables). Afterwards you will be taken to a "beer station" - basically a small street-side pub with beverages and plain sweets.

This lovely viaduct, which curves over the Taungthaman Lake with gazebos and detachable parts to allow boat passage, gives an insight into Myanmar from the west. Naypyidaw began to be built in 2002 and the town was made Myanmar's capitol in 2005 for no other reasons than the obvious whim of the dominant elites.

Hoping that the newly constructed town would become as bustling as the former capitol Yangon and constructed accordingly; there is even a reproduction of the Shwedagon Pagoda, which was re-named Uppatasanti. It is almost six of New York's and has 20 lanes of motorway, but few population.

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