Best places to Visit in Burma

The best destinations in Burma

Some of the best sites to visit and photograph in Burma / Myanmar from a perfect photo expedition with National Geographic. Since it's a bit remote, this is a place to come for a few days and sink into beach mode. " Saw Lin has always been very positive and funny and informative. The people are by far (at least in my opinion) the best part of Burma. Burma is not yet a popular seaside destination - fortunately.

Are Burma a good place for tourists?

Surprisingly, the places have been congested with tourist traffic since +/- 2011-2012, when the land saw an explosion of "backpackers" and as a result much of the charms of Burma have been gone for some time. I' m sorry to say that Myanmar was much "more beautiful" back in the 1990s and before 2010, when autonomous travel was still weak.

Myanmar people's lives were really poor back then and as a happy visitor/expat I always had a dual feeling: Firstly, the PRE-2010 tourism booming land was a jewel because it felt like being transported back in history, let's say Thailand was in the 1950s, with pristine sandy shores and pristine scenery!

Myanmar, as I see it now, is not prepared to accommodate the number of visitors. They should also ensure that the right kind of sustainability-oriented travel is encouraged and draw the lesson from the events in Thailand (where travel has done much harm). However, if you want to visit Burma, please do so with a careful mind.

Ensure that you put as much money as possible in the small people's pockets, as large tourist companies and large hotels/resorts are all in the ownership of Hi-So's, who already have a great deal of riches they have made during centuries of oppression/dictatorship.


Permanent tiredness of the temples is a great threat to the first-time visitors. Enjoy your stay in the old tea houses, small towns and small towns and get to know some of the most lovable folk in the whole wide range. During March, the temperature can jump from peaks of around 28 degrees Celsius in the centre of Burma to over 40 degrees Celsius, with paralyzing damp.

Attempt to plan a full moon holiday, as this is a favorite season for processions and celebrations in convents. Visitor should be wearing relaxed leisurewear (no neckline, no naked collars, no transparent dresses, no leggings). Tips and driver at the end of the trip.

MYANEMAR ( "Lonely Planet"), released in July 2014, is still the best practice guideline. Myanmar:

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