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Top Destinations in Myanmar

This is Myanmar's most popular destination: Myanmar Tours, Myanmar Tour Packages, Myanmar Travel Packages. Burma is a destination where the locals make a difference. Myanmar (Burma) Public Holiday - Tailor-made Asian Holiday Formerly an island, mysterious state, Myanmar is now open to the outside worlds and is quickly becoming a must in Southeast Asia. As the second biggest state in the area ( "after Indonesia"), Myanmar provides a variety of different experience, from the light and colorful Yangon architecture to the impressive sanctuary of Bagan, the swimming village of Inle Lake and the snow-capped summits of North Kachin State.

Myanmar, apparently unaffected by globalization, is a lighthouse of authentication - a true travelling time. Those interested in the arts cannot miss the confusing Bagan, known as Angkor of Myanmar. However, you could be forgave if you leave Myanmar and see your interaction with the locals as your culmination. While Myanmar has become renowned for the spirit of Bagan, the view and amenities of Inle Lake, the former imperial capital around Mandalay and busy Yangon, the land has much more to offer those who just want to unwind than many would have us believe.

That is never clearer than in the southern regions, around the Mergui Archipelago and on the Ngpali sands. There is a need for a visa to see Mergui, which is only to increase the attraction - you won't find any mobs. Doing so will give you some of the most stunning Asian shores, stunning sea scenery and a totally different cultural experience from northern Myanmar.

I' ve been living in Vietnam and have traveled a lot in Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar and the Philippines. It was a sacred Myanmar Temples event. then to the Thai beaches with elephant. This is a Zen-filled Myanmar journey for travelers who want to lead a good life. This is an epoxy, action-packed journey through Myanmar for those who love the outdoors and cultural activities.

Discover Myanmar's ancient city and the city' s city. Quiet lakes and locals go together at the Inle-See. Lots of whips and whips from Myanmar's indigenous civilization make Mandalay a great introductory tour to Myanmar. Myanmar's capitol, a vast and untrafficked city. Unwind at Myanmar's premier seaside resort, where you can only move for tasty shellfish or a shake.

The Myeik Archipelago has not been open long and is still very low on most people's radars. Burma is a great place to travel all year round, but like most of Southeast Asia, it has certain saison. In general, the best travel period is between October and April, but remember that the main tourist period is between November and January, so it is worth booking in advanced.

The month of January is a great period to explore Myanmar's seaside resort, but as it is high seasons, it is best to schedule your journey in advanced. Good coastal conditions, especially around Ngapali, with colder climates around Lake Inle and the highland, continue. The temperature on the shores and in the centre will increase and the air will be humid in the south and west as well.

In April there will be fewer people, so it is a good month to come to Myanmar. Montessori rains reach the southern hemisphere and close many of the seaside towns around Ngapali. The rain starts and the temperature stays around 30°C. Strandresorts are shut down and it can be more difficult to pass through the countryside.

Precipitation begins to subside and the temperature decreases, although it remains in the high 1920s. Mid-Myanmar to the southern hemisphere will be the warmest and driest area. The month of October is a great season to explore Myanmar when rainfall has eased and the temperature remains high in the 1920s. This is one of our favorite month to come to Myanmar with less people and colder weather.

Decembre is a great season to visit the Ngapali beach. Highland temperature will be colder, so wrap a sweater or overcoat for the afternoons.

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