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Best places for balloon rides in Myanmar

A visit to one of the best places for ballooning in Myanmar offers an exciting, incomparable journey that will take you airborne by the thousand meters. Although not as exciting and hazardous as parachuting or para-gliding, the ballooning is big enough to delight the adventurous. So if you want to see the panorama and not be scared of the heights, try the Myanmar Ballon Horse in the top resorts below.

Prudent risk-takers are advised to take the best hot-air ballooning over Bagan - the Buddhist Mekka, with its thousand of gold-plated and holy pilasters and shrines. Fly over the glamourous and impressive places of worship of Bagan is as good as your expectations, and even beyond. Indeed, the Bagan balloons are often well selling, and especially in December you have to reserve 2 month in advance.

There is even a hot air parachute in Bagan from 1 October to 15 April each year. In Bagan, as always, the hot air tour starts at sundown, around 6:00 a.m., and takes 2 h. The tour starts in the city. In Myanmar, this perfect hot air trip lets you enjoy the cold mornings and experience how wonderful it is when many colourful hot air balloons are blown up and taken off at the same time.

A lot of good things to say about the ballooning over Bagan. Also read Bagan Travel Guide here! Mandalay Myanmar, with its untouched, wonderful and scenic scenery, is one of the most scenic places to fly over Myanmar in a warm mountain breeze. The historical Mandalay simply opens under your gaze during a ballooning flight.

And the best moment to explore the best landscape of this region is early in the mornings when the warm aeroplane airs. Lake Inle is not only home to the fisherfolk, but also the stunningly beautiful nature of Myanmar. Ballooning offers the unforgettable panoramic view of the impressive lake combined with the tranquil lifestyles of the people.

Especially in the early mornings, the sea is partially cloudy and offers the magic view for the breathtaking aeration. Inle Balloon is very interesting for those who enjoy the enchanting river scenery and Myanmar civilization that has long been maintained in the stilts homes and swimming market.

Hunting for the majesty of Inle Lake? Maybe there's no better way than by ballooning. Meet the Mingalarbar Ballon Company to make reservations for your hot air ballooning trips through the city. Yangon looks astonishing during the air tour with various breathtaking panoramas, gardens and historic monuments.

Don't miss the famous Shwedagon Pagoda when you are visiting this good location for ballooning in Myanmar. It is known that the Yangon flight will take you up to 400 ft and about 20 persons can travel at the same time. It is interesting to note that the size of the gel ballon of Mingalarbar is bigger than that of Bagan, Inle Lake or Mandalay.

The flight over the mighty Yangon lasts about 15 to 20 min and is possible from dawn to sundown. Sundown is probably the best season for the Yangon Ballon. One of the most beautiful in Myanmar, Ngapali Beach is perfect for a variety of outdoor pursuits, as well as ballooning.

Exploring Ngapali from the air can therefore attract many people, which leads to many kind suggestions to try this out. The Ngapali-Ballon is often used from the end of November to the middle of March to lure the thrill-seekers to the bath. When you start the early bird's eye view, you can await to see the shore in the fog and the locals may be waving their hand to welcome you, contributing to the joyful journey.

Top live adventures include ballooning, so get there early at these suggested locations for ballooning in Myanmar.

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