Best places to Travel in Myanmar

Top Destinations in Myanmar

An official permit is required for hiking. It has a good central market, Cheroot factories and tea drying warehouses. Here you can travel from Thailand to Myanmar:. The government of Myanmar has recently tried to develop tourism at its best. "It seems that the best time to visit Burma is from November to March, but it is actually okay to visit many places during our summer months.

What are the best places to drive?

Winters are coming and the whole year of work is over, so it's holiday and travelling season. Non-nationals usually take holidays and travels in winters, but natives do so all year round, as there are many places in the countryside where they can go on holiday. Some states and territories have good streets so that holidaymakers can go to the appealing locations in these states and territories to their taste, but in some states like Chin and Kachin, the street transport is still not good enough, so if you want to attend the touristic places in these states, they must take themselves enough free to schedule to do so.

Touroperators say that most local people, apart from places that are hard to get to, go to different places within the land and most of them drive. Most tourists use rental vehicles, but there are also packages that last between two and five nights.

However, there are now even one-day packages that are reasonable and can be packaged for vacationers, says U Phyo Wai naing of Hello Mandalay trip and routeservices. Such as how many tourists will be there, what type of vehicle will they like, how long will the trip last, are the facts in the calculation of the rental charge.

Today, folks have come to relish traveling. That' s why the way of transport has been changing. Let's say if the charge for a full days out is twenty thousand Kyat per person, the tourist information can even organize lunches for the tourists," says U Phyo Wai Naing. Touroperators say that car hire prices range from K 100,0000/- to 500,0000/- and some tourists take the coach to places they like, while some also follow programs organised through touring.

In the high seasons many tourists drive to Bagan by road, but there are also some who like to go to Taunggyi, Kalaw, Pindaya and Inle, located on the Shan Plateau with its nice landscapes and pleasant cold meteorological conditions, and some even to Nat Ma Taung in Chin state, Kyaiktiyo in Mon state and Hpa-An in Kayin state, touristic attractions all over the state.

There were so many tourists during the Thadingyut holiday in Bagan, where most of the rooms were booked out and it was hard to get around due to congestion, said Ko Thet Naing Oo from the Trave town. "Most travelers drive. There are even some wealthy individuals who use a car to get around because they can take in the beauty of nature on the way according to their own whim.

But now that the streets are better than before, vacationers are renting automobiles according to their level of affluence. A few like good japanesecar rental and some want to buy chinaiccar. When there are maps of going on holiday by road, a beach is a place not to be missed. Whilst the wealthy and inexpensive trips to offshore resorts, cheap skates favor indigenous ones, making it also appealing to vacationers.

"Last year there weren't many trips to other parts of the land, but we had to organize about three trips a months to the Ngapali Lakes. If there are five in a group who took our travel packages, for example, one was provided free of cost and then gifts were given back to holidaymakers who took advantage of our service," said Ma Khaung Khaung of Tango Travel and tour.

While some trips predict that there will be fewer locals and more travellers abroad this year, some say that locals could go to new places within the countryside instead of the customary touristic attractions destination. "At the beginning of this year there were many indigenous travellers who drove to Hpa An, a scenic city with the nearby caverns and hills to be explored, and the relaxed ambience are the high points of the area.

There is the lovely, holy Zwegabin mountain and the breathtaking Sadan cave that draws the interest of most locals," says Ko Thet Naing Oo.

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