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Top Destinations in Myanmar

Early monsoon season is a good time to visit Myanmar. These are some of the best places in Myanmar. Burma is a great destination all year round, but like most of Southeast Asia, it has certain seasons. MYANMAR IS A GOOD PLACE TO TRAVEL WITH THE FAMILY? Myanmar's best sights.

Which are the best areas of Myanmar to be visited in summers?

Burma has a wide range of tourist destinations, from fine sandy shores to rolling hills. The government of Myanmar has recently tried to promote the best side of the tourist industry. Just as you are going to be in the summers, so here can be some of the interesting places for you to visit: I' ve proposed the places that will be good for the summers and there are some other places to go to in Yangon.

I' d like to suggest to go to the south of Myanmar, the Myeik Island, with its wonderful beaches and untouched isles.

Burma Tours and Itineraries - Planning your journey to Myanmar with a travel professional.

Myanmar is now a tranquil and secure tourist resort after a turbulent past. Situated between the neighbouring behemoths of India and China, Thailand and Bangladesh, this multi-religious land is the ideal place for those who want to enjoy a uniquely diverse mixture of indigenous cultures, architectures and customs. Though Myanmar is open all year round, the best time for travellers is from September to March, when the temperature is colder and the climate is cool.

WheretoA life-long explorer could explore Myanmar and not see everything it has to offer! 3. The best introductions to the variety of the land, however, are the busy yet traditionally built town of Yangon, the old Bagan Floors, the former imperial capital of Mandalay and the magnificent Inle Lake.

Adrenalin junkie or a cultural lover, Myanmar has something for you. Burma is the perfect place to devote yourself to your passion and explore a civilization like no other. View the best of Myanmar. From the pulsating town of Yangon to the temple-filled plain of Bagan, this brief but enlightening vacation stretches across a vast expanse of land.

A five-day intro to Myanmar shows the best of both towns and makes sure you can build a real relationship with the local community and civilization. Be it as an introductory visit to Myanmar or as an addition to a stop in Yangon, this journey will certainly please the history-enthusiastic traveller. Explore Myanmar - a culturally diverse and breathtaking landscape - off the beaten tracks on this 8-day off-road excursion.

You' ll see shimmering palagodas, tiny towns, drive down the Irrawaddy and capture the most popular sights of the area. No need to worry about the traditional coach holiday: put on your hiking boot, take a bicycle and take a feeling of adventures to explore the true Myanmar scenery. Take two-week explorations of the country's most important sights and treasures and connect more closely with the peoples and cultures that make Myanmar so unique.

Prepare to see the miracles of Myanmar! Whether it' s meetings with colourful mountain people or quiet cycling tours through paddy fields, this two-week journey has it all and is the ideal first journey for travellers interested in culture. Explore the best of Myanmar at a relaxing tempo on this two-weekjourney.

We have also incorporated some neighbourhoods and secluded areas that are not found on most common trips in Myanmar. Burma is different from anywhere else in Southeast Asia or the rest of the know. Burma is an astonishing place to experience some of the most extraordinary festival in the game. Myanmar's residents are unbelievably kind and inviting.

Encountering and mixing with them is often a high point of the journey to Myanmar. is a general salute throughout Myanmar. Most travellers don't know..... Burma is no trivial land. It would be a complete wastage of myanmar in the usual way. Myanmar, an undoubted heaven, where I call "home".

Combining long-lasting histories, cultures, heritage and artefacts with the contemporary lifestyles of metropolises that have a lively, colourful..... more.... I' m Alex Nguyen, travelling specialist for Hello Vietnam Trave. After all, I like travelling; I enjoy the feel on the street,..... more.... Only the best Myanmar professionals are accredited to operate their businesses in the country of their choosing.

It has been unbelievably tolerant and full of knowledge and has made us an incredible journey! Myanmar's travel leaders were top -notch and gave us such a good glimpse into Myanmar's past. It has been unbelievably tolerant and full of knowledge and has made us an incredible journey! Myanmar's travel leaders were top -notch and gave us such a good glimpse into Myanmar's past.

Some of the specials are the U Bein Bridge, the intimate cruising in Bagan, the ballooning in Bagan, all the churches (I usually get sick of them after a whole days, but Myanmar is so astonishing that I never have enough of them), the eating, Inle Lake in general. Thanks, Wayne and all our great tourist leaders!

This is our journey - Myanmar off the well-trodden paths for 10 nights. Well, if we could give this voyage a 10, we'd do it. This is our journey - Myanmar off the well-trodden paths for 10 nights. Well, if we could give this voyage a 10, we'd do it. Regarding the leaders themselves, they were all natives of the respective regions in which we were travelling.

It was an astonishing land to be in. Out of the countryside, the human beings and the adventure itself. We' d definitely suggest Myanmar, Anne and their travel guide staff to give you a truly beautiful and authentic Myanmar adventure. I' m gonna use Andy again for another journey. Let's explore Yangon about its civilization for 2 unforgettable getaways.....

I' m interested in'Highlights of Myanmar - 10-Day-Tour'. Traveling and seeing the most important touristic attractions (definitely Golden Rock), we enjoy experiencing the locals as much as possible. We' ve travelled a great deal, even in lndia.....

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