Best places to Stay in Burma

The best places to stay in Burma

These are our top recommendations for places like Bagan, Yangon and Inle Lake. Ancient Myeik Archipelago - Private Andaman Sea yacht charter with Burma Boating. To Inle Lake - Original Lotus Spa Resort. Untouched Lotus Resorts, Lake Ile-de-France. All you need to plan your trip:

The best places to stay in Myanmar

Burma is a place that should be on the shortlist of all Southeast Asia. The place that has recently opened up to the outside worlds is still a place of secrecy and insecurity that further enhances the charm of the visit to this magic place. They are unbelievable strong, inquisitive and friendly and want to show the rest of the planet their wonderful land.

It is a great pleasure to discover and roam this land with over 100 different races and nationalities. Whether you want to see the famous Bagan Sunrise over the many pagoda and temple, admire the relaxed way of living in Inle Lake or experience the flourishing town of Yangon, there is so much to see and do in Myanmar.

Whilst accommodation is generally quite simple and somewhat more costly than in Southeast Asia, there are still many possibilities. The majority of lodgings and resort facilities have reasonably priced dormitories where backpacker tourists can find comfort. In order to help you plan your journey, we have suggested some of the best accommodation in the best places to visit in the area.

Below are our individual suggestions for accommodation suitable for all budgets. You' ll find here some of our top pickups, from inexpensive and entertaining guesthouses to luxury properties.

Burma (Myanmar) Deluxe Accommodation: 7 of the best

Are you a sailor who clutches the wooden skirting board of your terrace overlooking the Irrawaddy? We' ve grouped some of the best accommodation in Burma by regions to help you plan your vacation in Myanmar. Some of the most beautiful places in Burma are waiting for you:

Inside the sleek suite is plain, with canopy cots made of tea wood and occasionally elaborate-carvings. Order a refreshing dip in the fan-shaped swimming pools, a spas session or a wicker seating under the porch and a bar. You can stay here on our Luxury Burma trip.

Each room has been designed with a view of traditional cultures; the dominant features are tea wood and wicker, and basic rooms representing four large ethnical groups: Explore this mythical town and then go back up a winding wood stairs for an aperitif under the porch or have supper in the dining room overlooking the candlelight swimming pools below.

You can stay here on our luxurious Burma trip. Its cave-like straw roof (apparently on huge wooden poles of teak), the blankets littered with whitewashed artwork, and the luxuriant garden behind it all feel quiet. View from the cot to the sea, its and its basins, a separate dipping basin or - perhaps best - a handcrafted tea wood twin-bathroom.

However, going from the Swimpool to the Strandrestaurant and back is also perfectly okay. You can stay here on our luxurious Burma trip. All 20 of them are equipped with room-high doors, genuine lacquer and the best view of the seas. They are always available for you, but there is a buttoner if you wish (after all, this is a complete listing of luxurious apartments).

If it weren't for the view of the ocean, you could easily overlook the fact that it was a ship. You can stay here on our Irrawaddy Deluxury Explorer. Having touched on this unbelievable trip last weekend, it seems only right and proper to add it to our luxurious itinerary. To those who miss it, this personal cruise on the Andaman seaside will explore some of Burma's most pristine scenery.

You can stay here on our tailor-made trip through the Andaman Sea or let us put together an individual travel route for you. "The " floating" rooms in the shape of a small ship have a view of a quiet stream leading to Lake Inle; take a bench in the prow and observe the waters, or observe the Shan Mountains behind it.

Situated in front of a scenic setting of gentle verdant mountains, each with its own patio and intermediate floor with excellent view. You can stay here on our small group tours or on our Hidden Trails of Burma itinerary. Tiripyitsaya Sanctuary Resort is one of the most scenic places to discover the Bagan Lagoons.

Each of the 8 has canopy bedding, en-suite patios, generous living areas and a terrazzobath with a view of the Irrawaddy. Swim in the vast swimming pools and observe the sunset over the Irrawaddy. You can stay here on our Burma honeymoon. When one of these luxurious accommodations (or all, let's face it) suits your taste, write us.

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