Best places to see in Myanmar

The best sights in Myanmar

Drive away from popular places and find your own secret favorite stupa. Myanmar's best sights and activities selected by our local tour operators. The Shan State is home to one of Myanmar's most important tourist symbols - Lake Inle. Bagan has the most to see and do for visitors than any other city in Myanmar. Myanmar (Burma), the largest country on the mainland of Southeast Asia, has so much to offer.

Four great travel destination - the best places in Myanmar

Whether you are looking for a trip to the tropics, another trip to the lands of over 2,000 breathtaking and singular Bagan marvels and temple, or something more adventure in Lake Inle, this wonderland of nature has it all. Don't miss the chance to discover everything this town has to boast of!

Got bogged down for your 2018 trip in Myanmarin? The following is a short guide to the best places to go in Myanmar so you can begin to add them to your basket listing! There' s no particular need to make 2018 the date you come to Bagan - except that this northern Myanmar town - the capitol of Burma's first imperium - is simply magnificent.

One of Myanmar's best places! It is a welcoming and lively place with historical places, more than 2000 memorable, splendid and singular antique shrines scattered throughout the town, far fewer travellers than other important Myanmar sights, accessible accommodations and an exhilarating holiday season, Wherever you go, as well as hey gje kau husk huswe - a cool pasta meal with chopped chickens and olive groves, tasty curry, crunchy green beans, or tea-leaf lettuce - a kind of mild, sour and aromatic lettuce of uncooked vegetables and lemon juices and beer, wherever you go.

So what else do you need on your Myanmar 2018 trip? As well as a sacred and historic trip, a must in this place far away from the everyday life of the town is an impressive ballooning trip over the singular town of Bagan - a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the unsurpassed majesty of thousand of enormous buildings and antique shrines and abyss.

It would be almost a felony not to go to the Shwedagon Pagoda - the largest place first to get rid of, then to discover its part of the colourful streets and to immerse yourself in most of its authentic culture during your holidays in the country of Burmese Buddhism.

But that' s not all Yangon has to offer the beginner - no English architectural design, no European-style palagodas, no Chinese city, not even the Thadingyut Light Festival and the Thingyan Water Festival. It is Yangon speaking to travellers all over the globe, one of the bravest towns in Southeast Asia waiting beyond the well researched boundaries of the 2,500 gold-plated stupas of the Shwedagon Wooden Table, Chaukhtatgyi Paya - the Reclining Buddha - an ultra large recumbent Buddha texture in the Chaukhtatgyi Monastery and the Kyauk Taw Gyi Wooden Table which is known for its gigantic picture of Buddha-Marmor.

Just 15 minutes by car from Yangon city centre by car shuttle, the rice paddies of Dalla are a remote place and one of the best places to be. Why to explore Lake Inle - the flat, 13. Two days walk through the stilted towns for a true adventure, a stop at the surface hotel, a delicious dinner in a swimming table, a cruise to enjoy the breathtaking view of the Intha fishers manoeuvring their vessels with just one foot in the back, a tour of these amazing stupa on an evergreen hill behind a small Inle Lake restuarant, a glimpse into the everyday lives of locals in a large web centre in Myanmar, etc...

Mandalay is about 435 leagues north of Yangon and about 112 leagues northeast of Bagan and is the country of gold couples, churches and scenery, which are so full of vivid colours that one feels like being transported to another time. To fly to a new town for a working vacation, to explore the hundred of marshes and convents, to explore the broad alleys with bikes and motorbikes, to take the impressing dusk pictures of the U Bein bridges - the longest teenak bridges in the word - or simply to visit the biggest books in the word - are a great possibility to relax and get away from the hectic day.

Undoubtedly your trip to Mandalay for your working vacation is as thrilling and unforgettable as you would have anticipated on a Myanmar trip in 2018. While Myanmar is far away from everything, there are some truly stunning travel locations to expand your backpacker vacation in this wonderful land of Southeast Asia.

Let's start your Myanmar vacation with the four big goals!

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